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Create a culture of agility in the financial services industry

The financial services and banking industry is undergoing constant changes in terms of regulations, new players, evolving customer behavior, and the emergence of advanced technology solutions. Banking companies must deploy a digital transformation strategy or risk lagging behind their competitors. Quinnox can be your strategic partner in this journey.

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Elevating Financial Services: The Future of ​Digital Experiences with Strategic Modernization

Know more insights about how the evolution of digital transformation and the effectiveness of aligning their modernization efforts to business outcomes is impacting financial services

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Creating The Future Of Digital Experiences With Strategic Modernization

Download this commissioned thought leadership Forrester paper to gain valuable insights on how your organization can create next-bound digital experiences through strategic modernization. 

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Emerging trends in finance

The banking and financial services industry needs to challenge traditional service models to create groundbreaking customer experiences.

API-first applications

Composable and API-first applications

API-first applications

API-based, low-code financial enterprise applications will fast-track the modernization of legacy IT architecture.


From automation to hyperautomation


Financial companies are expected to increase investment in hyperautomation solutions to build an integrated and scalable enterprise.

Risk management with AI

Risk management with AI

Risk management with AI

Banks and other financial companies are likely to utilize artificial intelligence to manage risk and detect fraud.


Partnerships with FinTech companies


Banks are increasingly collaborating with FinTech companies to expand their portfolio and achieve new levels of agility.

Our IT solutions for financial services

Our digital solutions for the financial services industry can help you navigate the complexities of the uncertain and volatile future.

Digital Customer Experience Financial Cloud Solutions Capital Markets Solutions Banking IT Solutions Data Management and Analytics Employee Experience Solutions
Digital Customer Experience

With customers demanding 24x7 services, resilient operations, and connected multichannel experiences, banks and financial institutions must have a robust customer experience management system. We help you identify areas of improvement and create significant change in the way you interact with customers.

Financial Cloud Solutions

The future of most industries, and especially that of the finance industry, lies in the cloud. Our innovative cloud solutions deliver security, stability, agility, and scalability in your enterprise. We help you shape your cloud strategy in a relevant manner so that you can unlock its maximum potential for your business.

Capital Markets Solutions

We help you navigate the various shifts in regulations, changing economic conditions, and newer technologies to ensure accelerated success in the capital markets industry. Our expertise in systems like Calypso and others ensures that you can continuously improve processes and maintain efficiency across the board.

Banking IT Solutions

Our core banking IT solutions cover the entire spectrum of operations and integrate key processes. We modernize applications, set up digital business models, ensure the speediness of day-to-day transactions, and transform front-end & back-end systems using our business and technology expertise.

Data Management and Analytics

Our comprehensive data analytics solutions give you a clear and 360-degree picture of all your business data. We can help you securely migrate, reconcile, and integrate your data across operations. Our data solutions are robust, can handle multiple formats, and enable insightful decision-making.

Employee Experience Solutions

Ensuring a superior workforce experience in banks and finance companies results in elevated business performance. This can be accomplished by deploying digital workforce transformation. Our modern applications, integration solutions, and testing & quality assurance make it easier for your employees to perform at their best.

Solutions & Enablers

Explore our extensive suite of proprietary digital solutions for finance that add business value to your operations.

Reimagine your financial business and technology agility through codeless, AI software testing that drives quality, speed, and frequency to market.

The Quinnox Test Automation Framework ensures that you manage risks effectively, run sufficient test scenarios, and deliver projects on time.

With the QMigrate application, you can migrate static, market, and trade data using standard templates into trading platforms such as Calypso and Wall Street Systems.

This application is our umbrella testing framework consisting of test cases, test scripts, automation tools, and error capture.

A custom engine for generating real-time and EOD trade reports that can be used to report deals to prime brokers, custodians, administrators, and regulators.

A predefined schema and load routine to consolidate cross-asset trade, market data, valuations, and risks into a single, unified repository.

Our custom, automated reconciliation engine for dynamic and static data ensures complete accuracy and precision.

Our banking DevOps solution is an umbrella framework with tools and accelerators for DevOps adoption, continuous integration, development, and testing.

Quinnox’s automation engine for scriptless automation and regression testing speeds up development and removes bottlenecks.

Our treasury risk reconciliation and reporting framework boosts work productivity, reduces manual processes, and ensures regulatory compliance.

We help in generating FpMLv5.x messages from Calypso trades. The app supports rates, credit, and equity derivatives.

Why Quinnox?

We help companies in the financial sector embrace digital change at speed and improve business performance with technology

Financial Consulting Services Personalized Customer Experience

We use predictive and historical data to understand customer behavior and help you design customized products and services.

financial services industry Risk Mitigation

In a market driven by regulatory changes, fierce competition, and volatility, we help you minimize your risk across operations.

core Banking solutions Actionable Data Insights

We enable financial businesses to utilize their significant volumes of data for making insightful and informed decisions.

banking industry Future-oriented Services

Our innovative and well-designed applications use advanced technology to help you stay relevant and prepared for change.

BFS industry Hyperautomation

Quinnox delivers hyperautomation across multiple core banking and financial processes to ensure ease of work.

financial services Strategic Partner Solutions

We work with leading software companies like Calypso and SAP to deliver specialized solutions for the finance industry.

Quinnox is FSQS Registered

Quinnox is proud to achieve FSQS Registered status, showcasing our compliance with industry regulations and governance controls. This milestone strengthens our position as a trusted partner for major UK Banks and Financial Institutions.

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Case Studies

Here are some client success stories on our digital solutions for the financial services industry.


Quinnox Enables Monument Bank’s Digital First Goals

Quinnox helped Monument deliver complex cross-product customer journeys with our automated proprietary Qyrus platform via client onboarding, account opening, transactions, lending origination, and client servicing journeys.

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Quinnox manages L2 and L3 Production support for a leading hedge fund in UK

The client also required us to monitor jobs for uninterrupted BAU (Business As Usual).

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Quinnox improves the quality of multi-application releases for a large American bank

The client is an American bank holding company. The bank’s offerings include retail and commercial banking.

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Neobank co-innovates with Quinnox to launch a revolutionary banking platform together

Our client is a Fintech start-up in the financial and technology cross over space.

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Our latest thinking on technological advances in finance.


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Customer Experience

Future-Proofing Finances: Top 5 Customer Experience Trends in Banking for 2024 

As we step into 2024, the dynamics of customer expectations and technological advancements are reshaping the way financial institutions interact with their clients.

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Why Financial Institutions Should Consider Moving to a Cloud-Based Calypso Platform with Quinnox

As financial institutions seek to keep pace with evolving technology and growing customer demands, many enterprises are turning to cloud-based solutions from their on-premises infrastructure to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and stay competitive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does continuous testing ensure the reliability of modern banking applications?

Continuous testing involves running automated tests that assess performance. security and functionality. It ensures reliability by quickly identifying and addressing issues, minimizing downtime and preventing software defects.This proactive approach enhances the overall quality and stability of banking applications.

How can test automation help streamline the testing process for fintech’s?

Test automation in fintech streamlines testing by automating repetitive tasks, reducing human errors, and accelerating the software development process. This leads to faster releases, improved software quality, and cost savings.

What are the best practices for test automation in financial services?

Best practices include thorough test coverage, regular regression testing, and robust data management. Ensure tests align with industry regulations and security standards to maintain data integrity and system reliability.

How does software testing in financial services contribute to cost efficiency?

Software testing in financial services contributes to cost efficiency by identifying and rectifying defects early in the development cycle, reducing the need for expensive post-release fixes, minimizing downtime, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

How to do performance testing of a banking application?

Performance testing of a banking application involves simulating user loads, measuring response times, and assessing system scalability. It ensures the application can handle expected user traffic efficiently and identifies performance bottlenecks for optimization.

How QA Testing drives digitalization in financial sector?

QA Testing drives digitalization by ensuring the reliability, security, and compliance of digital services. It builds trust with customers, enhances operational efficiency, and supports innovation, enabling financial institutions to adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

What are the key principles of modern application development for financial institutions?

Key Principles include include security, scalability, agility, and compliance with industry regulations to ensure data protection and seamless operations.

What are the benefits of AI in banking?

AI in banking offers benefits such as improved customer service through chatbots and personalization, enhanced fraud detection, better risk assessment, cost reduction through automation, and data-driven insights for smarter decision-making.

How does AI enhance customer experiences in banking?

AI personalizes services, provides quick responses, and offers recommendations, making banking more convenient for customers.

What technologies can enhance customer experience in banking sector?

Technologies like mobile apps, AI-powered chatbots, and blockchain can enhance customer experience in the banking sector by offering convenience, personalized services, and secure transactions.

How do AI and ML solutions enhance decision-making in the financial industry?

AI and ML Solutions by analyzing vast data sets, identifying patterns, predicting market trends, automating tasks, and providing real-time insights, help financial professionals make informed and data-driven decisions.

What factors drive digital transformation in banking?

Digital transformation in banking is driven by factors such as changing customer preferences, the need for operational efficiency, competition from fintech startups, regulatory demands for innovation, and the potential for cost reduction through technology adoption.

How will future banking technology impact customers?

Future banking technology will offer customers more convenience, security, and personalized services, making their financial interactions more efficient and user-friendly.

What are some key challenges in implementing digital transformation in financial services?

Key challenges include legacy system integration, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity threats, resistance to change, the need for skilled talent to navigate technological advancements and customer demands.

What types of fintech solutions are commonly integrated into banking services?

Common fintech solutions integrated into banking services include mobile banking apps, digital wallets, peer-to-peer payment platforms, robo-advisors for investment, and blockchain technology for secure and efficient transactions.

What are the future trends and prospects for fintech integration?

Increased adoption of AI and blockchain, expansion of open banking ecosystems, and improved cybersecurity measures ae some of the trends. Prospects include enhanced financial services accessibility, innovation in payment solutions, and deeper customer personalization.

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