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application services
application services

Application Services that accelerate success

Transform your service portfolio to drive business innovation with Quinnox Application Services. Our AI-driven AMS approach helps increase your throughput, quality, and value while reducing cost, fragility, and waste. Leveraging industry best practices and Quinnox’s platforms, we can help you continuously monitor, assess, automate and optimize IT operations by providing a single pane of glass to detect, prevent and resolve issues across the ecosystem.

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ISG Report on AMS Platform

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Our Capabilities

Our comprehensive application management services deliver the value-added support needed to stay competitive and innovative.

Application Modernization Project and Program Management DevOps Service Management Enterprise Application Management
Application Modernization

As per Gartner, one of modern companies' top 5 IT project priorities is “application modernization of installed on-premises core enterprise applications.” Quinnox application modernization services help IT decision-makers reduce the portfolio’s overall complexity and cost. They also bring about transparency and efficiency to enable strategic business planning.

Project and Program Management

IT leaders are under intense pressure to improve the speed, accuracy, and agility of their project organizations while also managing risks and costs. Quinnox considers the core elements of the client organization, such as processes, organizational structure, people, and systems, and provides project and program management services that span the lifecycle of an application.


Quinnox follows an agile-based approach that brings together the Dev and Ops teams to work as one team coupled with extreme automation during the software development cycle. Leveraging this approach is highly beneficial as the different stakeholders become more engaged and involved in the monitoring and evaluation processes.

Service Management

With our service management, we help you move towards an integrated enterprise and break from the clutter of outdated, siloed treatment of applications. We create new and more adaptable services and delivery models geared towards specific organizational requirements to improve their efficiency. Competitive advantage is achieved through sector-specific innovations.

Enterprise Application Management

Tapping into analytics, mobile, cloud, and cognitive computing capabilities, we optimize performance and reduce the cost of your investments. Our end-to-end management services improve your entire suite of enterprise applications and can be tailored to your requirements. We utilize the latest technologies and our own tools to deliver best-in-class service.

Solutions & Enablers

We have a wide selection of proprietary solutions and enablers designed to streamline and accelerate your application management.

It is a smart, secure, and scalable platform that auto-discovers IT assets and models a digital twin of the IT ecosystem. The platform helps enterprises create more effective digital business models by optimizing cost structures and automates the asset lifecycle management process.

Quinnox PACKET framework utilizes fact-based metrics to calculate the utilization, productivity, and efficiency of support resources. It helps identify knowledge gaps within the team and continuously optimizes the baseline level of effort parameters as engagements mature.

This tool allows the systematic and critical assessment of AMS processes, technologies, and capabilities within any client environment. It leverages the “House of Quality” quality function for planning and prioritizing customer needs.

This tool is a generic framework that assesses the as-is applications, business processes, resource skills, and competencies. It can be scaled up and configured to define assessment categories, assessment parameters, and user-defined assessment values.

KPI Designer tool extends 250+ out-of-box KPIs and helps clients build dashboards and scorecards. The tool helps align business and IT goals and objectives. It leverages existing metrics to build dashboards and scorecards for efficiency, quality, and effectiveness.

It is an agile, iterative tool that helps take a fresh look at the application landscape as a whole and identifies opportunities to mutualize resources, consolidate overlapping applications, and eliminate redundant applications.

Quinnox Accelerated Transition Methodology is supported by ERP tools and accelerators for transitioning and stabilizing SAP AMS programs. It breaks transitions into manageable waves based on Criticality, Complexity, and Comfort.

Why Quinnox?

We help organizations across industries thrive and scale with our dedicated and resourceful application services.

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Application services provider Agile-based delivery

Our ongoing services in application development and management deliver continuous improvements.

Application Services Adoption of innovative technologies

Our team utilizes the technology that is exactly right for your organization and leverages it to achieve automation.

Application Services Business process

We are well-versed in the workflows and processes across different industries, enabling us to serve you better.

Application Services Variety of trusted

We work with multiple reputed partner organizations to ensure that you get the best results across platforms.

Case Studies

Here are some client success stories about how our application services have ensured accelerated business success.


Quinnox reduces 20% of maintenance cost for leading provider of integrated environmental solutions

The client needed a vendor to solve very large and complex Supply Chain and Logistics problems.

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Quinnox helps the world’s largest beverage company cut costs and gain efficiency

Mammoth company size can lead to mammoth sized issues. With bottling, distributing and marketing operations throughout the world.

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Quinnox helps telecommunications giant achieve a smooth, win-win restructuring

This global leader in telecommunications relied on Quinnox to help them successfully restructure the company.

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Quinnox successfully executes multiple webMethods migrations with zero business impact for retail distributor

There was a lack of support for the EAI production environment during business and off-hours (24×7) on different versions of webMethods.

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