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Quinnox is one of the leading global Calypso-Adenza service partners. We have executed Calypso projects that cover implementation, upgrades, testing, migration, and support for over 15 years. Our Calypso consultants have worked with major international banks, fintech companies, and trading firms to help them gain efficiencies.

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Our Capabilities

Our experience over the years has enabled us to ascertain the crucial areas that need digital intervention. Explore our full suite of Calypso services.

Consulting Implementation Version Upgrade Application Management and Support Custom Development Testing

We map out your specific business requirements to technical solutions and ensure that you can maximize the Calypso platform capabilities for improved productivity and enhanced user experience. Our experts design the best roadmap for your Calypso journey, including Treasury and Risk Management implementation.


We deliver a variety of enterprise solutions and functions, including pre-trade, post-trade, accounting and reporting. Our support extends to data migration and validation as a service, customization or extension of existing architecture for specific needs, and integration.

Version Upgrade

Calypso requires a more frequent and precise upgrade approach. We help our clients roll out these upgrades on time and without interrupting daily operations. We conduct multiple upgrades (including V8 to V17, and V16), increase the agility of the systems, and even deliver custom code for our clients.

Application Management and Support

As a trusted partner for Treasury and Calypso support, we design and implement dashboards to identify bottlenecks and measure up-time and job delays. With our support services, you can optimize batch processing by 30%. We collaborate closely with our clients to deliver a high return on investment.

Custom Development

Our Calypso experts help customize and tailor the platform as per regulatory and internal needs. We follow best practices to ensure that upgrades, integrations, data migrations and validations are all conducted smoothly and seamlessly. The custom development is also scalable with time.


Our promise is quality assurance. With our custom testing capabilities, you can be assured of near-zero defects. Our batch of over 8000 automated test assets is reusable across functions allowing better productivity, flexibility and agility. We provide GUI and API testing for 100% test coverage and can validate over a billion data points in each test cycle.

Solutions & Enablers

Our trademarked set of Calypso solutions and enablers have been carefully designed to help our clients save time & costs and drive opportunities and innovation.

TR Cube, or TR3, is a custom, BI-driven framework for Treasury Risk, Reconciliation and Reporting. It is an essential value-added tool for all Calypso projects as it aids in configuring complex, multi-level reports.

Our clients require 100% data validation to maintain the high standards of business reporting. QFrame is an intelligent business tool that facilitates validation and testing of all fields associated with trade. It is compatible with the latest Calypso version.

A sophisticated and intelligent reconciliation tool, SmartCompare provides 100% accuracy and exception management at the same time. The easy-to-use interface can handle large volumes of data speedily and accurately.

Why Quinnox?

We have partnered with Calypso-Adenza for over 10 years and have insider insight into the applications.

Connect with Quinnox

Calypso Services Strategic implementation partner

We have partnered with Calypso for over 10 years and have insider insight into the applications.

Calypso solutions Custom value-added

To make using Calypso even better, we have powerful tools with enhanced capabilities and extensions.

Calypso consultant Over 150 Calypso consultants

Our team of over 150 qualified Calypso experts around the world assists our clients.

Adenza Reusable frameworks

We provide reusable frameworks, tool kits, and over 8,000 test cases for an unparalleled experience.

Case Studies

Read more on how our Calypso services have delivered successful business outcomes to our clients.


Quinnox helps financial leader with critical and timely Calypso upgrade

A major U.S. financial institution benefits from a team of Calypso specialists with a proven methodology to meet critical deadlines.

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Quinnox manages L2 and L3 Production support for a leading hedge fund in UK

The client also required us to monitor jobs for uninterrupted BAU (Business As Usual).

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Quinnox future-proofs key applications, enhancing operational efficiencies leading to revenue growth

A privately held U.S. software company that specializes in enterprise software ranging from enterprise resource planning to management.

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Quinnox helps telecommunications giant achieve a smooth, win-win restructuring

This global leader in telecommunications relied on Quinnox to help them successfully restructure the company.

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