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Build customer loyalty with intelligent Salesforce services

As one of the leading Salesforce strategic partners, Quinnox helps organizations transform how they engage, retain, and grow their business. We have delivered a number of Salesforce solutions, including consulting, configuration, migration, customization, and integration. Our mantra is to execute a data-driven approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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Our Capabilities

As accomplished Salesforce service providers, we align our solutions with your needs. Provide a fresh experience to your customers or employees with our full suite of Salesforce services.

Consulting Configuration Integration Data Migration Implementation Application Maintenance Support Testing Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Salesforce Center of Excellence (COE)

We conduct design thinking and discovery workshops, perform a Customer 360 assessment, and complete a rigorous deep dive into our clients’ requirements. Exhaustive documentation and process maps are generated to ensure clarity and confidence in the forthcoming project.


We handle the day-to-day as well as project Salesforce administrative details for our clients. Solve your business challenges without the technical overhead. We take care of data configuration, profiles, permissions & user access setup, and page & custom object layouts.


Salesforce does not live in a silo within the Enterprise System Architecture. We facilitate integration solutions for any Salesforce APIs and connect other legacy or third-party applications. You no longer need to worry about extracting information from disparate systems.

Data Migration

Work with our team of data experts to map your data journey and create the possibility for new business insights and elevated customer experience. We migrate data from legacy systems to Salesforce, extract, cleanse, and reconcile data, and solve just about any data challenge.


Our Salesforce implementation services cover the spectrum of the software development life cycle. We ‘lift and shift’ applications to Salesforce, develop tailored applications, set up cloud-based systems, install chatbots, and even customize the rollout based on location.

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Application Maintenance Support

Here at Quinnox, we are interested in long-term partnerships. We provide monitoring and maintenance services post-implementation to enhance your Salesforce experience. This includes upgrades, need-based support models, and performance & system health metrics.


With our automated testing solutions for Salesforce, you can rest assured that your applications and any future releases are reliable and error-free. Our continuous integration framework is specially designed to ensure impeccable service delivery and product capabilities.


Manually generating quotes, sales orders, and invoices takes up a lot of time and effort. With Salesforce CPQ, you can automate the process and devote your valuable time to selling your products and services. Quinnox builds the templates in line with your brand guidelines.

Salesforce Center of Excellence

The Salesforce COE is all about establishing best practices that encourage collaboration, ensuring data governance to build competency, and focusing on innovation to accelerate time to value. We leverage the COE and design a structured classification of standards and processes.

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Why Quinnox?

Our team helps empower businesses across industries to provide exceptional customer experiences with our Salesforce consulting services.

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salesforce services Digitally focused CX

With our Salesforce services, we make sure that your IT landscape is not just product-centric but also customer-centric.

Salesforce service providers 360° view of the customer

We help you connect all parts of your organization in Salesforce, allowing you to achieve a single, comprehensive customer view.

salesforce consulting services Scalability and customization

Not only do we make sure you can appropriately manage your current customer database, we also ensure that you can scale up.

Salesforce solution Security and privacy

It is critical to protect customer data. We thus make sure that each application is accurately tested and securely maintained.

Case Studies

Read our success stories about how our Salesforce services have delivered great business outcomes to our clients.


Quinnox’s SFDC solutions help customer reduce licensing costs and improve operational efficiencies

North America’s leading provider of integrated environmental solutions.

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Leading US biopharmaceutical company teams with Quinnox to implement Sales Management System in Salesforce

Client used in-house custom built application which was primarily built for manufacturing process to manage the sales.

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Quinnox implements Salesforce for leading bottling & distribution company, increasing operational efficiencies

Quinnox reengineered the existing solution to provide ability to document, manage documents as well as business.

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Quinnox’s testing strategy ensures significant reduction in application downtime

Our customer had multiple applications (approximately 25) to support their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Salesforce Support can help with data transfer and give assistance with data-related problems. They can help guarantee a seamless transfer of your data into the Salesforce platform by assisting you with the data migration process and answering any problems or inquiries you might have.

Yes, Salesforce APIs offer the option to interact with in-house systems or old software. The APIs allow for communication and data sharing between Salesforce and other systems, enabling seamless integration and making use of both systems’ features.

Yes, the offered Salesforce Service can help with adjustments and improvements. They provide experience in modifying the Salesforce platform to meet certain company demands, putting adaptations into place, and expanding features to fit your particular wants and objectives.

The best Salesforce solution for your company will depend on your unique requirements, objectives, and financial constraints. Consider each solution’s features, functions, and scalability in relation to your company needs and intended results. Examples of such solutions are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. Salesforce professionals can provide you with tailored advice.

Salesforce Consulting Services do offer ongoing maintenance and support. To ensure that your company receives ongoing assistance and makes the most of the platform, they assist you with system upgrades, troubleshooting, user training, and constant Salesforce implementation optimisation.

A Salesforce implementation partner can help with every step of the process, yes. They provide experience in designing, setting up, modifying, and implementing Salesforce solutions, assuring a successful and specialised implementation based on your company’s needs and goals.

By streamlining case management workflows, automating repetitive tasks, providing a unified view of customer data, implementing intelligent routing and escalation rules, and providing real-time collaboration tools for seamless communication within the service team, a Salesforce Service Cloud consultant can increase agent productivity and efficiency.

The synchronisation of real-time data between systems may be aided, yes, by a Salesforce integration specialist. They are skilled in integrating Salesforce with other systems, making use of middleware and APIs to set up smooth and automatic real-time data synchronisation.

Of course, a Salesforce Centre of Excellence (CoE) may offer knowledge and direction on best practises for governance and security on the Salesforce platform. To maintain a safe and well-managed Salesforce environment, they may assist with setting up rules, specifying roles and permissions, putting security controls in place, and making sure best practises are followed.

An organisation gains from a Salesforce Centre of Excellence (CoE), which offers centralised governance, knowledge, and best practises for Salesforce deployment and use. It guarantees standardised procedures, encourages information exchange, boosts productivity, and increases the return on Salesforce investments.

Through safeguards like encryption, access limits, frequent security audits, and adherence to industry rules like GDPR and CCPA, Salesforce maintains data protection and privacy.

By adopting a complete CRM system, offering personalised experiences, streamlining response times, utilising AI for self-service choices, and encouraging efficient teamwork and communication, Salesforce can enhance customer care and support.

Lead conversion rate, sales cycle duration, customer acquisition cost, customer retention rate, revenue growth, and overall sales team productivity are metrics and KPIs that a Salesforce Centre of Excellence should monitor.

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