Leading US biopharmaceutical company teams with Quinnox to implement Sales Management System in Salesforce

Sales Management System

Business need

Client used in-house custom built application which was primarily built for manufacturing process to manage the sales & related operations as well. With the rapid rate of expansion, the custom app had difficulties to keep up with the volume of sales. Scalability was also a major concern.

The field sales reps also could not use the CRM system on the go (Mobile Compatibility).

To overcome all these challenges, client decided to utilize Salesforce enterprise cloud to help alleviate the strain on the existing application.


Quinnox team studied the existing processes, gathered detailed requirements and moved Sales, field tracking and billing functionalities from custom app to Salesforce.com.

  • The team implemented Service, Order Management, Return Merchandise & Speaker Program functionalities and integrated.
  • Salesforce various back office systems(namely Alfresco, QAD eBusiness Suite, Radley (Shipment), FedEx, DMS, etc..) to provide a seamless experience to users.
  • Custom Visualforce pages were also developed to meet the specific business requirements.
  • Quinnox also implemented the Salesforce Mobile App for Field Sales Reps.


The solution improved sales productivity and made the app highly available, scalable and efficient. Seamless integration provided real time single view of customer data, which saw a significant improvement in their customer experience.

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