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Retail industry
Retail and Consumer

Reshaping retail industry solutions to deliver speed and scale

Consumers in this day and age are more technologically sophisticated than ever. The strain on retail brands grows as consumers want constant engagement across various channels in an always-on retail environment. Quinnox’s solutions for the retail and consumer products industry leverage insights and innovation to transcend customer expectations.

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Emerging trends in retail

The consumer and retail industry needs to re-invent its business models to satisfy growing customer expectations.

Effective customer engagement

Effective customer engagement

Effective customer engagement

The retail industry needs to connect with customers in interesting and interactive ways.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation in retail

Digital transformation

The roadmap to digital for the modern retailer involves the evaluation of digital goods and experiences and understanding the metaverse.

Harmonizing convenience

Harmonizing convenience and conversion

Harmonizing convenience

Checkout-free stores, uber-fast delivery, and contactless shopping are emerging due to consumer demand for a frictionless and convenient retail experience.

Retail industry solutions

Diverse retail industry solutions

Retail industry solutions

Retailers are being encouraged to diversify and enter new businesses to optimize their resources and find new areas of development.

Our IT solutions for retail

Our top-tier, tried-and-true digital solutions give you the full range of services and in-depth design and engineering knowledge you require to thrive.

Agile Business Operations Collaborative Workplace Ecosystems Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Technology-led Omnichannel Experiences Core Cloud Competency Front-end and Back-end Solutions
digital solutions

Quinnox helps retail and consumer products companies with modern platform solutions and infrastructure to promote agility and cut down on capital expenditures. We understand changing customer and industry requirements and leverage our expertise to provide effective strategies for business acceleration.

supply chain

We harness the strength of your workforce by enabling them to collaborate and create with technology and innovation. A future-ready workforce understands the demands of the retail industry and has the capability to deliver seamless customer experiences by leveraging technology solutions designed for success.

Retail and Consumer

At Quinnox, we unlock the potential of connected networks for demand and supply chain administration. To strategically adapt to changing customer expectations, including last-mile and sustainable delivery, we help retail and consumer products companies future-proof their local supply chain with context-aware solutions.

Retail industry

Quinnox combines technology, operational procedures, and organizational structures to enable high-speed innovation and sustain digital transformation while safeguarding business-critical applications. Our core focus is on building modern, customer-centered commerce solutions to deliver delightful experiences.

retail technology solutions

To assist businesses in creating their future digital enterprises, Quinnox leverages its engineering expertise in cloud transformation to offer a range of services, including digital infrastructure, analytics and intelligence, customer experience, applications, DevOps, and security. We help retail and consumer products companies utilize the cloud to scale higher.

digital solutions

Our services and products cover every step of the process from conception to completion, from production to distribution. We enable two-way digital commerce connectivity between your back-end and front-end operations to track real-time alerts of stock levels, orders, deliveries, invoices, product descriptions, and other relevant information.

Solutions & Enablers

Learn more about our opportunity-driven retail solutions that break barriers and accelerate growth

Benefit from location-based mobile marketing that focuses on personalization, store insights, and metrics for footfall, customer path, and loyalty.

This driver’s app enables your delivery department and agents to automate delivery right from truck loading to delivery to end-of-day process.

This app caters to the needs of field sales personnel and in-store associates who wish to quickly conduct product demos to potential customers.

Get real-time access to sales and inventory, all while accessing a 360-degree view of every process, like merchandising, supply chain, and more.

Just scan a barcode while in the store, look up the product, and try it out in a virtual fitting room using a mannequin or a picture uploaded by a customer.

Allow users to select an object using a device camera to display an image, a video, or other media, thereby enabling a much richer experience for the user.

Add a touch of magic to your ticket management tasks with an easy system to view, update, and submit service tasks from the field itself.

Q-Mobile is a shop floor assistance solution that can be used by in-store associates to perform store inventory management conveniently.

Why Quinnox?

We help retail and consumer products clients create value chains and purchasing systems that are effective and dependable to achieve long-term profitability.

Operational Efficiency Operational Efficiency

We provide simpler and more efficient operations with optimal costs and processes by deploying effective digital solutions.

Actionable Insights Actionable Insights

We equip your business with insights that can be converted into actions to drive more sales and achieve greater goals.

Scalable Infrastructure Scalable Infrastructure

We enable retail businesses to operate with secure and scalable infrastructure for accelerated business growth.

Future-fit Solutions Future-fit Solutions

Our innovative and intuitive retail industry solutions help you stay relevant and ready at all times.

Delightful Experiences Delightful Experiences

Quinnox delivers seamless experiences to help retail businesses cater to their customers innovatively.

Intelligent Strategies Intelligent Strategies

We empower businesses to maximize profits across the retail value chain with smart strategies powered by AI, ML, IoT, Big Data, and Analytics.

Case Studies

Here are some client success stories on our digital solutions for the retail industry.


Quinnox ensures seamless user experience & enhanced business efficiencies with secure API management

The client is a private Swiss company in the fragrance and flavour business. It is the largest privately-owned company in the field.

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Quinnox improves our customer’s logistics management process with real-time visibility

Quinnox took the joint ownership of development, enhancement, maintenance and support of the Onboard Computing System.

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Quinnox’s performance testing helps reduce the merchandise delivery turnaround time

One of the key challenges that our customer faced was high latency in data intensive design.

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Quinnox implements Salesforce for leading bottling & distribution company, increasing operational efficiencies

Quinnox reengineered the existing solution to provide ability to document, manage documents as well as business.

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Our latest thinking on digital transformation in retail.


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How IOT shapes shopping, today and tomorrow: You’ve likely heard of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can test automation in retail benefit businesses in their software development process?

Test automation in retail reduces human error, speeds up software development, and ensures a consistent user experience, ultimately saving time and money for businesses.

Are there specific tools or technologies recommended for retail POS test automation?

Yes, for retail POS test automation, popular tools include Selenium, Appium, and TestComplete, which can automate testing of web and mobile POS systems, ensuring functionality, security, and efficiency.

How can retailers ensure the security and reliability of their POS systems through test automation?

Retailers can ensure the security and reliability of their POS (Point of Sale) systems through test automation by implementing robust test suites that assess various scenarios, such as payment processing, inventory management, and security protocols.

What are some strategies for effective software testing in a retail environment?

Effective software testing in a retail environment involves test automation for rapid updates, conducting end-to-end testing to cover the customer journey, and ensuring data security and compliance with industry regulations.

What tools and methodologies are commonly used in retail application testing?

Common tools and methodologies in retail application testing include Selenium, Appium, and TestRail for automation, while Agile and DevOps methodologies are often employed for faster and more efficient testing cycles.

Why is automation testing important for retail enterprises?

Automation testing is crucial for retail enterprises because it accelerates testing processes, reduces human error, and ensures consistent software quality. It allows for quick and efficient testing of e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and inventory systems, improving the overall customer experience and operational efficiency.

What are the key aspects of retail digital integration?

Key aspects of retail digital integration include seamless online and offline shopping experiences, omnichannel capabilities, personalized customer interactions, data-driven decision-making, and robust cybersecurity measures.

How can I choose the right system integrator for my retail business’s needs?

To choose the right system integrator for your retail business, evaluate their experience in retail solutions, client references, cost, scalability, and alignment with your specific business goals and technology requirements.

What are the successful steps for an integrated retail strategy?

A successful integrated retail strategy involves understanding customer needs, aligning online and offline channels, implementing data-driven insights, optimizing supply chain and logistics, and providing seamless, personalized experiences across all touchpoints. This approach creates a cohesive shopping journey and enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How digital integration can ensure seamless online and offline retail experience?

Digital Integration enables customers to browse, purchase, and return products effortlessly across both platforms while providing valuable insights for retailers to personalize and enhance customer interactions.

Can retail integration help retailers manage data and systems more effectively?

Yes, retail integration can help retailers manage data and systems more effectively by streamlining operations, improving data accuracy, and enhancing the overall efficiency of their business processes.

What are some strategies for enhancing customer and technology experiences in retail?

By offering personalized services, streamlining the checkout process, implementing user-friendly websites and apps, providing in-store experiences, and actively seeking and acting on customer feedback.

What role does data analytics play in CX?

Analyzes customer data to identify trends, preferences, and pain points. This information helps retailers make informed decisions, personalize offerings, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

How do you measure customer experience in retail?

Customer experience in retail can be measured through Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, online reviews, customer feedback, and in-store observations, providing insights into satisfaction, loyalty, and areas for improvement.

What is the role of digital transformation in the modern retail landscape?

Digital transformation enables retailers to enhance the customer experience, optimize operations, and adapt to changing consumer preferences through technologies like e-commerce platforms, data analytics, and automation.

Is Supply chain important for retail industry?

Yes, supply chain is crucial for the retail industry. It ensures efficient inventory management, timely deliveries, cost control, and customer satisfaction, impacting overall business success.

What are the major challenges faced by retail supply chains today?

Major challenges in retail supply chains include inventory management, demand forecasting, labor shortages, global logistics disruptions, and adapting to e-commerce trends. These issues impact efficiency and require innovative solutions for success.

What are the top supply chain chain trends in retail for 2024?

The top supply chain trends in retail for 2024 include an increased focus on Green SCM, minimizing mileage, robotics development, cloud solutions, and enhanced data analytics for demand forecasting.

Why is sustainability in the retail sector becoming increasingly important?

Sustainability in retail is vital due to customer demand, environmental concerns, and long-term cost savings, aligning with global goals for a greener future.

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