Quinnox improves our customer's logistics management process with real-time visibility

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Business need

With a truck fleet of 16000+ trucks servicing 20 million Residential, Industrial, Municipal and Commercial customers across North America, customer needed a vendor to address the following:

  • Large and complex Supply Chain and Logistics problems.
  • High costs due to multiple software licenses, multiple technology resources and the associated maintenance activities.
  • Absence of a web-based suite of solutions that include route optimization, planning, scheduling, dynamic dispatching, mobile communication and GPS real-time asset tracking.
  • Lack of a web based suite of software solutions that would optimize the daily logistics of fleet operations to help maximize resource utilization and vehicle efficiency.
  • Integration of the complete Process of Order to Disposal that involves multiple applications.
  • Business intelligence monitoring to optimize employee productivity and provide top quality customer service.


Quinnox took the joint ownership of development, enhancement, maintenance and support of the Onboard Computing System (OCS). OCS is our client’s order execution system that covers the complete waste disposal process from Order to disposal and handles the complete process for both residential and commercial waste management. The application is integrated with multiple applications for different business functions of order generation routing, productivity, order completion, billing and order exceptions.

Our development/enhancements/maintenance services encompassed the following:

  • Provided web access for order creations.
  • Ensured accurate dispatching of tasks to the drivers.
  • Enabled the drivers to execute tasks and provide task completion details using the mobile tablets.

Multiple applications for all the business functions were integrated, thus streamlining multiple processes to avoid delays or any data inconsistency. We also provided close to real time visibility of all the activities executed on the field.


Improved operational efficiencies by:

  • Improving the Logistics Management process.
  • Augmenting resource optimization.
  • Eliminating delays and inconsistencies in the process.
  • Ensured significant cost savings by replacing older tabs with new Samsung tablets.
  • Increased top management’s real-time visibility into the end to end Order to Disposal process, thus helping them make better informed strategic business decisions.

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