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Integrate, revolutionize, and strengthen your logistics and distribution business with digital transformation technologies.

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Enable agility with a robust last-mile strategy

Traditionally, technology has only had a minimal impact on the logistics industry. However, the current state of world affairs has emphasized the need for accelerated digital transformation within logistics businesses. Quinnox’s supply chain solutions can help you expand your portfolio, increase sustainability, and connect your operations by leveraging data and automation.

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Emerging trends in logistics and distribution

The future of distribution management is being rewritten, and the transportation and logistics industry needs to have real-time control.

Requirement-driven customization

Requirement-driven customization

Requirement-driven customization

The delivery system and supply chain need a demand-driven custom strategy to exceed customer expectations.

Supply chain digitization

Supply chain digitization

Supply chain digitization

Strategic, simple, and dynamic transportation systems translate into great experiences and happy customers.

Rise in cloud computing

Rise in cloud computing

Rise in cloud computing

Cloud software and SaaS models are paving the way for more accurate and accessible solutions.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and sensors

Artificial intelligence

The growth of AI and IoT-powered sensors is speeding up transportation cycles and empowering smart warehouses.

Our logistics IT solutions

Revamp your logistics and distribution systems to maximize ROI, reduce time to delivery and boost customer satisfaction.

Customer-centric Transformation Warehouse Management Systems Connected Operations Resilient Supply Chain Unified Spend Management Sustainable Operations
supply chain solutions

Make the most of your customer data. Plan your company’s growth and future direction of your supply chain with customer insights and inputs. With our data analytics expertise and industry experience, we deliver actionable insights in the form of easy-to-understand dashboards.

Digital Transformation Technologies

Remodel operational models and improve transparency to suit your target customers. Quinnox enhances the effectiveness of your warehousing operations with our cloud-based solutions. Get complete visibility of inventory, optimize space utilization, and provide an omnichannel experience.

Transportation and Logistics Industry

With our integration, testing, and application development expertise, you can be sure of building an intelligent and connected enterprise. Our partnerships with leading software companies, as well as our proprietary solutions, allow us to deliver transformational experiences and substantial business value.

logistics and distribution services

Face uncertainty with resilience backed by digital transformation. We help you identify standard risks and also prepare you for sudden disruptions. Our digital solutions help you plan for changing demand-supply, expand your portfolio to suit customer expectations and needs, and optimize your overall operations.

supply chain

Our automated spend management solutions allow you to scale your business responsibly. The integrated systems provide a real-time picture of your financial operations, highlight cost-saving measures, map spending to budgets, and effectively handle investment, procurement, and transportation costs.

logistics businesses

With Quinnox, spot and ideate around opportunities to conserve resources, target zero emissions, and resonate with your customers. With a data-driven approach, leverage detailed analytics through sensors and other IoT devices for higher transparency and implementation of the right sustainability strategy.

Why Quinnox?

We help you recalibrate and reconfigure your supply chain and inventory with data-driven inventions and innovations

Optimal Time Utilization Optimal Time Utilization

Optimize your market understanding and streamline data functionality to ensure timely last-mile delivery.

Customizable Frameworks Customizable Frameworks

Our scalable frameworks allow you to ramp up and ramp down based on changing business requirements.

Cost Optimization Cost Optimization

Compartmentalize and consolidate packages to save costs and optimize delivery times without premiums.

Real-time Visibility Real-time Visibility

Gain complete transparency and a 360-degree view of the shipping process to avoid delays and streamline delivery.

Frictionless Experience Frictionless Experience

Benefit from modern systems, modify legacy applications, and collaborate with vendors efficiently and effectively.

Operational Agility Operational Agility

Use complexity for your benefit, reshape operations to combine silos using prime value chain analytics.

Case Studies

Here are some client success stories on our digital supply chain solutions for the logistics industry.


Quinnox’s customized supply chain solution helps reduce the TCO for our client

Quinnox assessed and analyzed the product architecture and recommended replatforming to Spring framework.

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A globally recognized cloud-based vendor management solution to enable quick turnaround time

In its early stage of inception, the client required a SaaS-based platform for highly configurable Vendor Management System.

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Quinnox develops an Inventory Management System, ensuring faster time to market for our customer’s products

The existing inventory system functionalities were extended to mobile devices.

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Quinnox migrated clients application data achieving 50% increase in performance

A world leader in Battery Management, known for its innovative products & services, with nearly every vehicle OEM.

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Related Insights

Our latest thinking on how emerging technologies are changing the transportation and logistics industry.

Case study

Quinnox improves our customer’s logistics management process with real-time visibility

Quinnox took the joint ownership of development, enhancement, maintenance and support of the Onboard Computing System.

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Customer Experience

Delivering Customer Satisfaction Beyond the Shipment: Why Logistics Companies Need to Elevate Customer Experience? 

In an era dominated by digital advancements and heightened customer expectations, logistics companies find themselves at the crossroads of innovation and customer satisfaction. Today, the success of any business is intrinsically tied to its ability to provide an exceptional customer experience (CX).

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Case study

Quinnox migrated the B2B & B2C site that provided supply chain & logistics functionalities to AWS Cloud

North America’s leading provider of integrated environmental services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why digital transformation matters in logistics?

Digital Transformation in logistics enhances efficiency, transparency, and real-time tracking, reducing costs and improving customer service. It streamlines processes, optimizes inventory management, and adapts to evolving industry demands.

What are the benefits of IoT applications in logistics and transportation?

IoT applications in logistics and transportation offer real-time tracking, improved asset management, predictive maintenance, and enhanced supply chain visibility. These benefits optimize operations, reduce costs, and boost overall efficiency in the industry.

What are the key factors that highlight the significance of customer service in the logistics industry?

Customer service in logistics is vital due to its impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. Timely deliveries, accurate information, and responsive support contribute to a positive customer experience, which is crucial for business success in the competitive logistics industry.

What are CX Trends affecting transportation and logistics companies?

CX Trends inc;ude digital self-service options, real-time tracking and visibility, personalized communication, eco-friendly practices, and improved last-mile delivery experiences. These trends are driven by evolving customer expectations and technological advancements.

What are the key challenges in integrating AI in Logistics?

Key challenges in integrating AI in logistics include data quality and availability, the cost of implementing AI systems, workforce training, and the need for seamless integration with existing systems.

What metrics should transportation and logistics companies use to measure the success of their CX initiatives?

Transportation and logistics companies should measure CX success using metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer loyalty, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, and on-time delivery rates to ensure timely service and enhance overall customer experience.

Why should I choose Quinnox for Transportation and logistics software development services?

Quinnox offers extensive experience in transportation and logistics software development, delivering innovative solutions to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and provide real-time insights. Our team combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to meet your specific needs.

What is the pricing model for custom logistics software development?

The pricing model for custom logistics software development can vary, but it’s often based on factors like project complexity, features, and development hours.

What if I have a logistics software that I want to improve?

Consider assessing the specific pain points and areas for enhancement in your logistics software. Seek user feedback, invest in software updates, and explore automation or integration opportunities to enhance efficiency and user experience.

How does an automated logistics system improve the efficiency of logistics operations?

An automated logistics system enhances efficiency by streamlining tasks such as order processing, inventory management, and order fulfillment. It minimizes errors, reduces labor costs, and accelerates processes, leading to faster and more accurate logistics operations.

What are the best practices for modernizing logistics software?

Best practices for modernizing logistics software include assessing current systems, identifying areas for improvement, embracing cloud-based solutions, optimizing data analytics, ensuring scalability, and fostering collaboration between IT and logistics teams.

What challenges do companies commonly face when optimizing logistics in their supply chain?

Companies often face challenges like inventory management, transportation costs, demand forecasting, and last-mile delivery efficiency when optimizing logistics in their supply chain.

What is the role of logistics in SCM?

Logistics in SCM involves the efficient planning, execution, and control of the flow of goods, services, and information, ensuring timely delivery, cost optimization, and customer satisfaction.

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