Quinnox’s customized supply chain solution helps reduce the TCO for our client

supply chain solution

Client overview

A software product company based in USA offering “on-demand” software solutions that span from warehouse management, inventory control, and order fulfilment to trading partner collaboration, extended enterprise and business intelligence.

Business need

Client needed to increase the market space for their product, and wanted to assess the existing product architecture and replatform from JAVA/J2EE to a newer technology with a robust architecture platform to improve product scalability and flexibility. The objective was to provide quick and easy customization capabilities to adapt the solution to meet each customer’s business needs with minimal impact on the core solution functionality, and ensure accessibility from portable clients like handheld devices, which are typically used for warehouse operations.


Quinnox helped design and develop a SaaS based Supply Chain and Warehouse Management solution to provide seamless integration with the customer’s existing enterprise applications. Quinnox assessed and analyzed the product architecture and recommended replatforming to Spring framework.

Quinnox adopted Agile based Iterative Methodology which ensured a shorter time to market where-in pieces of working functionality were delivered in an iteration of 4-5 weeks. The end-to-end development of the solution starting from inception to construction and testing was done from offshore. Web 2.0 architecture ensured availability anywhere via the Internet, cell phones and other wireless devices, as well as RFID.


  • Low overall operational costs owing to a complete Offshore Delivery Model.
  • Reduced development and implementation costs due to the use of Open Source technologies.
  • Resources on Demand (Core Flex Model) model to align to the Budget availability.
  • Early adoption of latest technologies (Agile Methodology, Model Driven Architecture, Hibernate, Spring), as well as development and execution methodologies.
  • The solution was designed to support security and multi-tenant architecture requirements.
  • Product Framework pilot for select customers stabilized the product foundation and sought early feedback from the end customers.

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