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The Automated Software Testing Solution That Keeps Pace With Digital

Fundamentally, digital means companies becoming more agile with the ability to rapidly pivot, especially in today's unprecedented challenges. Businesses are developing more products to market — apps, APIs, web applications — at a greater frequency, so quality is becoming an increasing issue. As digital, speed to market and frequency to market takes over operating models, testing has become the Achilles heel of digital transformation and has not kept pace with organizational agility.

Qyrus — what is it?

Qyrus is an on-demand AI-powered SaaS automated software testing platform that deploys machine learning algorithms, an intuitive user experience, and a collaborative codeless approach to test automation. Qyrus not only empowers developers and testers with testing automation but, as importantly, the business team too. This innovative cognitive cloud testing platform:


Improve Web application quality while increasing efficiency and reduce time to market.

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Improve Mobile application quality while increasing efficiency and reduce time to market.

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Utilize codeless API application testing to improve product quality, increase development cycle efficiency, and expand test case coverage.

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Comprehensively test end-to-end business processes to ensure a high quality and seamless customer experience.

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Utilize AI and ML tools to automatically identify and fix test scripts, comprehensively test Mobile applications, and analyze test data to improve application quality, increase efficiency, and reduce time to market.

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Enable more comprehensive testing with a scalable infrastructure utilizing real browser and device farms across the globe.

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Simple, smart, and scalable

With the easy-to-use Qyrus automated software testing platform, the business can get involved in testing products and keep pace with your company's go-to-market frequency. With AI built-in as a core element, Qyrus offers any organization more advanced and smarter testing capabilities, regardless of your current state. And, because it's on the cloud, your team doesn't have to worry about infrastructure or tearing down a legacy environment, plus it scales up when you need it.




A platform for everyone

Qyrus’ proficient automated software testing solutions empower development and testing teams as well as product owners to produce higher quality products for an exceptional user experience. It scales with your needs enabling teams to deliver higher quality software faster, more efficiently, and decrease operating and testing costs.

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