Quinnox Enables Monument Bank's Digital First Goals

Achieve Agile Automation and Quality Assurance for Complex Banking Operations using Qyrus

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About the client:

Monument Bank Limited, a UK-based neo bank, recognised the need to augment its existing Quality Engineering team with a testing partner who could speed up the testing cycle time and automate its testing procedures to increase its commercial success. Monument understood that this would call for a culture change, building on its agile software development methodology, as the need of the hour to enable a successful digital transformation journey. 

Quinnox helped Monument deliver complex cross-product customer journeys with our automated proprietary Qyrus platform via client onboarding, account opening, transactions, lending origination, and client servicing journeys which resulted in successful business outcomes:

  • The speed to market was 3 times faster 
  • Reduced release time by 4 weeks
  • Speeding up the launch of the new Member Services product by few weeks, as well as further product features post launch by couple of weeks.  
  • Monument could reduce the release time of enhanced features for Savings and Lending products by two weeks.
  • 17 weeks testing timeline for Release 4.0 at start of 2022, reduced to 5 weeks for Release R9.0 and R10.0.
  • Increase in test coverage of UAT test cases for all releases since Release 7.0
  • Fully automated regression pack across all applications.
  • Optimal BAU resource
  • Defect leakage from QA to UAT for app reduced to 10% for R8.0 compared to 65% for R5.4 app UAT Release.

Through its collaboration with Quinnox, Monument could transform its culture and embraced automated end-to-end testing as part of its agile software delivery. Monument no longer relied on manual testing for complex test scenarios that spread across pan mobile, Web and API components. Furthermore, Qyrus’s automation capabilities helped Monument shorten testing cycles and boost output, helping the company execute its expansion plans successfully. As a result of collaborative efforts in 2023, Monument could switch from its previous release cycle of every three to four months to a monthly release cadence.

Customer Challenges:

Monument found itself trapped in a never-ending cycle of time-consuming and expensive defect fixing. Their testing procedures involved lengthy testing cycles and manual-intensive processes, causing delays and draining resources. Monument then partnered with Quinnox and worked towards revamping its testing process for delivering high-quality software leveraging its leading-edge test automation platform Qyrus.

Monument had always prided itself on striking a balance between business-as-usual activities and supporting testing for major releases. However, as the client base grew and new features flooded in, their testers found themselves drowning in a sea of test scenarios. Regression testing took ages, and testing new features became an uphill battle, resulting in frustrating delays in product deliveries. But with the help of our game-changing test automation platform, Monument was ready to streamline their processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and deliver high-quality software faster than ever before.

Business Benefits We Delivered:

Quinnox helped Monument achieve many other business benefits as listed below: 

  • End-to-End customer journey testing for Individuals and Businesses for Savings, Fixed Deposits and Lending products
  • Quinnox helped implementing Digital Calculators (Web/Mobile) for loan eligibility and bringing efficiency in Customer Management and Operations
  • Automated around 550+ test cases with 90% scripts on Qyrus, covering the end-to-end journey on mobile apps, both iOS and Android and validations on web applications 
  • Created more than 110 scripts for the loan product to handle complex journeys on web applications, including validation of multiple user permissions and role profiles
  • Execution of overnight automation suites every weekday in QA/UAT and staging test environments to enable early defect detection and ongoing development (CICD pipeline) work 
  • Reduced release testing window for major releases to less than half, allowing Production releases to double in 2023. 
  • Manual test effort reduced in UAT testing to under 20% of previous levels. 

The Quinnox Approach and Solution:

Led by a team of highly experienced UK business analysts, who were further supported by diverse virtual teams, Quinnox quickly analyzed existing test and release processes, business expectations, and challenges faced by Monument. The team then conducted workshops with business leaders and development and platform teams to drive product refinements and priorities integral parts of each release with clear delivery accountability. The joint team of Monument-Quinnox experts established clear release success criteria mapped to the product backlog and sprint backlog to incrementally achieve key business objectives, focusing on excelling client experience. 

Within 6 months, while delivering cultural transformation for Monument, the team also set up well-defined practices, efficient business process-driven release cycles, with release performance aligned to benefit realization. Quinnox enabled “shift-left” journey with test-driven development measured in accordance with defect removal efficiency.  

Quinnox’s innovative Qyrus platform made it possible for Monument testers to use end-to-end automated test scripts in various test settings, facilitating the deployment of process management. With the help of the Qyrus mobile device farm for iOS and Android, Monument could carry out functional and regression testing for new feature releases on real physical devices. 

QYRUS: What is it?

Qyrus is an on-demand AI-powered SaaS automated software testing platform that deploys machine learning algorithms, an intuitive user experience, and a collaborative codeless approach to make testing better, faster, and more efficient. Its features include: 

  • AI-powered codeless testing platform for Web, Mobile, and APIs
  • Testing of end-to-end digital business processes
  • Comprehensive tools for test management and test data management
  • No complex testing frameworks or expensive infrastructure
  • Real-time integrated test reports, analytics, and insights
  • Cross-browser and operating system compatibility
  • Mobile testing on real Android and iOS devices
  • Seamless integration with existing business systems and platforms

Qyrus’ codeless software testing platform enabled more effective collaboration across product, development and testing teams for Monument which helped reduce time to market and improve product quality. 

Furthermore, the Qyrus platform helped Monument achieve comprehensive quality assurance and control for product release, early defect detection, and design improvements.  The successful collaboration between Monument and Quinnox emphasized on the importance of innovation and technology in the banking sector, ensuring clients acquire cutting-edge services and products for a seamless experience.


“The Quinnox team and the Qyrus platform have been a great addition to Monument’s product delivery capabilities. Within a few months, we have been able to create a comprehensive test suite of complex end-to-end test scenarios spanning multiple platforms and channels. The Quinnox team has helped us embed the Qyrus solution, and the supporting processes around it, into our agile delivery methodology.”

Sudip Dasgupta, CTO, Monument Bank 

About Monument Bank:

Monument is the first neo-bank to be launched in the UK specifically to meet the unfulfilled demands of mass affluent clients – approximately 7 million professionals, entrepreneurs, property investors, and others – who needed a bank to help them save and grow their wealth (which is estimated at c.£6 trillion). Monument is uniquely focused on the needs of the mass-affluent clients and has always focused on delivering exceptional customer service.

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