Quinnox manages L2 and L3 Production support for a leading hedge fund in UK

Calypso application

Business need

A leading Hedge Fund in UK was looking to partner with a Calypso expert to provide production support for:

  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Fixed Income
  • FX Derivatives

The client also required us to monitor jobs for uninterrupted BAU (Business As Usual).


Quinnox set up a team of experienced Calypso resources to provide L2 and L3 support. The support activities included the following:

  • L2 Support.
  • Service business user requests, like running on demand reports, on demand run of scheduled jobs, setting up of contracts, user management, workflow management.
  • Performing Data Reconciliation, manually OR writing custom code to automate reconciliation process.
  • Release of Calypso application upgrades and patches to production environments.
  • L3 Support.
  • Enhancements that need a code change.
  • Regression Testing.

As part of the support provided by Quinnox, we developed a customized JAVA based Monitoring tool and configured the reporting dashboards. We also managed the engine service desk and configured app management for effective job monitoring.


  • 100% service continuity.
  • Faster turn-around time for issue resolution.
  • Root Cause Analysis of Incidents and Tickets to plan preventive actions.
  • Supporting business users during testing of changed functionality in UAT environments.

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