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According to a Gartner® report, 46% of IT leaders cited issues about understanding the benefits, value, and use cases as top barriers to successful AI implementation.

Moreover, the complexity, volume and velocity of monitoring telemetry has increased so much that it is no longer feasible for a human operator to manually analyze and respond to the data to meet operational expectations. This has led to an increased need for AIOps platforms. Although, AIOps platforms are fast becoming a critical component of modern IT operations, their successful implementation requires contribution from multiple stakeholders, a common understanding of their use cases and a degree of maturity in supporting functions and processes.

Furthermore, difficulty in measuring value and a lack of understanding of benefits and use cases remains one of the key barriers for I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) leaders in their way towards successful implementation of artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) platforms. If I&O leaders aim to leverage proactive, data-driven IT operations via AIOps platforms to support digital business transformation, they must overcome these barriers (as shown in the below Figure):

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By leveraging transparent, achievable use cases that deliver demonstrable value, I&O leaders can overcome barriers to AIOps adoption and drive successful implementation. Over 60% of the surveyed organizations with a companywide strategic implementation of AI achieve this success by using performance measures that are aligned with business outcomes or reflect a tangible return on investment.


Download this research report to get detailed understanding of how I&O leaders can use transparent, achievable use cases that deliver demonstrable value to successfully implement AIOps platforms. As part of successful AI implementation strategies, this report shares valuable insights on:

  1. How to eliminate the hype and misunderstanding concerning capabilities of AIOps platforms, and develop clear goals and prioritize use cases by collaborating with key stakeholders.
  2. How to Deliver tangible and demonstrable value by aligning performance measures with business outcomes and adopting an incremental, fast time-to-value implementation approach.
  3. How to build up cross-functional trust and support for AIOps platforms by promoting transparent solutions based on explainable AI.

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