Why Financial Institutions Should Consider Moving to a Cloud-Based Calypso Platform with Quinnox

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Harshit Shrivastava

As financial institutions seek to keep pace with evolving technology and growing customer demands, many enterprises are turning to cloud-based solutions from their on-premises infrastructure to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and stay competitive. In fact, a study by Gartner reveals that more than 85% of organizations will adopt the cloud-first approach by 2025. However, to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud and support their digital transformation journey, businesses need to adopt cloud-native architectures and technologies and the required skill sets and expertise to excel.

Are you struggling to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology landscape while maintaining an on-premises infrastructure for Calypso?
Look no further than Quinnox – A leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the financial industry. Moving to a cloud-based infrastructure for your Calypso application with Quinnox can help reduce costs and increase agility, as well as how our team’s expertise and support can help make the transition smooth and seamless.
As we all know, Adenza’s Calypso is a platform that offers integrated trading and risk management for a variety of asset classes and has been running through on-premise infrastructure for a considerable amount of time. However, scaling, availability, and agility issues might arise when Calypso is running on-premises. Studies show that the upkeep of an on-premises infrastructure may be expensive and time-consuming, making it challenging for businesses to focus on growth and innovation at the same time. Due to these limitations, many financial institutions are finding cloud migration to be a more practical option.
Additionally, as businesses are currently under increased pressure to reduce costs and improve their operations, cloud-based infrastructure for the Calypso platform with Quinnox can help address these issues by offering a number of benefits.

Benefits of Moving to a Cloud-Based Calypso Application

For the Calypso application, switching to a cloud-based architecture offers a variety of benefits, including decreased infrastructure costs, increased scalability, availability, and agility.

According to statistics and case studies of our existing clients at Quinnox, organizations have profited in the following ways:

How Can Quinnox Help Your Organization?

Quinnox provides over 11+ years of product development experience, a team of 100+ specialists, support for 12+ languages, and experience in delivering 80% of product functionality generated to the table. Quinnox has also carried out more than 300 successful production deployments since 2001 without ever having a deployment rolled back, resulting in cost savings of between 15% – 20%.

Quinnox is a reputable supplier of cloud-based financial solutions. Its expertise has assisted organizations in smoother transitions from on-premises infrastructure to a stable, glitch-free cloud environment while also reaping benefits such as cost savings, scalability, and agility. Quinnox has also helped more than 15 significant financial institutions serve as Calypso Solutions reference-able clients, resulting in a 30% reduction in the total cost of ownership.


In conclusion, switching to a cloud-based Calypso application with Quinnox can help your financial institution build customized solutions, streamline operations and provide exceptional banking and financial services to clients. Moreover, several reports suggest that organizations that migrated to the cloud could increase worker productivity, bring higher digital fluency across their organization, and lower maintenance costs.

If you find hosting Calypso on-premises solutions difficult, you can reach Quinnox experts for technical assistance and seamless integrations while you can better focus on expanding your business operations and meeting customer expectations.

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