Quinnox improves the quality of multi-application releases for a large American bank

American bank

Client overview

The client is an American bank holding company. The bank’s offerings include retail and commercial banking, as well as trust services, mortgage banking, credit cards, mutual funds, insurance, equipment leasing, asset management, and securities underwriting and dealing

Business need

  • The client needed a QA partner to bring in standardized processes in its journey to ensure quality deliverables and rollout of stable applications in production.
  • The landscape included a wide product portfolio including legacy systems, challenges with respect to skilled resources
  • Minimal or absence of documentation related to the customizations made in the system, accentuated the need to have formal QA processes implemented
  • Key challenges were availability of test assets, inadequate test coverage, rollbacks due to issues in production, regression testing timelines and cost of manual regression testing


  • Onsite-offshore Delivery Model (dedicated Testing Offshore Delivery Centre in Pune)
  • Flexible engagement model core-flex, reducing resourcing costs for the client
  • Automation Framework (Qframe) which comprises of test cases, data, pre-automated scripts for 2000+ test cases, Automated error reporting, Comparison tools that support CSV, Excel and XML formats, Reusable framework that can be easily extended to cover client customizations – over multiple calypso versions
  • An automated approach for Calypso regression testing for accelerating Upgrades and BAU release timelines to ensure that all the business processes, analytics (Risk & P&L), and Interfaces (upstream/downstream) work on the upgraded platform as they used to work on the pre-upgrade platform
  • Tools for Data migration, legacy data conversion
  • Quinnox provided testing services for SIT, UAT Support, OAT, automation, regression & performance testing
  • 22+ member QA team with in-house training & certification, supported by a team of domain experts
  • Dedicated testing practice providing thought leadership, effective & transparent governance, end to end ownership of testing
  • Test environment management, Knowledge management, repository maintenance


  • 100% Total Defect Containment Effectiveness (TDCE) on Severity 1 & Severity 2 issues in Go-Live due to Robust Testing Methodology
  • 100% Total Defect Containment Effectiveness (TDCE) on Severity 1 & Severity 2 issues in Go-Live due to Robust Testing Methodology
  • 60% of the functionalities are covered in Automation test Suite & wide range of asset classes covered
  • Reusable processes, Templates & components reduced efforts by 30%
  • Improved the STP capability resulting in reduced processing time by 30%
  • Domain consultant’s value add – As-Is & Gap Analysis, Implementation/Upgrade Approach & Road Map, Defect Analysis
  • Shorter Testing cycles – quicker ROI
  • Flexible engagement model with quick team ramp-ups on a need basis

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