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Services & Solution

A digital platform that leverages beacon technology for connecting with consumers and improving analytics for better promotions and business decisions.

QSense in Retail: For retailers, QSense provides location-based information and promotions to shoppers, and analytics for marketers and managers.

QSense for Warehouse Operations: The ibeacon technology of QSense can be read directly from any standard tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need for hand-held readers. It helps in asset tracking, ensuring proper security measures and automation of inventory management.

QSense for Airports: QSense can help the airport management push passenger alerts and guide them within the airport, send personalized offers for repeat customers and allocate man-power according to real-time needs to help passengers.

QSense for Enterprises: QSense helps make offices smarter, reduce friction and keep employers and employees happy, with auto attendance capabilities, real-time office notifications and employee activity analytics.