Software provider benefits from 1,200 test cases in just five months using the Quinnox Testing Automation Framework (QTAF)

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The client was a U.S.-based Electronic Medical Records Management software provider company, offerings clinical and business productivity software to over 1,000 clinics and hospitals across the country.


With a large installed base of active customers and ongoing changes required in coding, this client was looking for a reliable and efficient test automation solution.

The company explored alternatives like COTS and open-source tools, but lacked the certainty and confidence that these were their best option. Concerns about the increased human resources needed to perform manual testing and a potentially longer testing cycle motivated them to seek a better solution.

Key objectives and business needs:

  • Reduce the testing cycle.
  • Ensure software quality with no compromise.
  • Use the workforce and resources efficiently.


As their trusted technology partner, Quinnox provided a bundled solution that included the QTAF (web framework – Windows, Chrome, and IE), a skilled and expert team, and training services and resources.

Key features of the solution included:

  • Built on top of the leading open-source solution Selenium (Web).
  • Uses simple English for script development.
  • Works seamlessly with all web-based technologies from Microsoft, Angular, React, and more.
  • Features user actions and keywords that are project- and application-agnostic
  • Performs database-level verification.
  • Handles dynamic data generated by the application.
  • Captures screenshots at runtime
  • Supports parallel execution
  • Executes in unattended or batch mode


  • Achieved 1,200 test cases in just five months.
  • Test cases automated and delivered to the client for execution in the production environment.
  • Framework deployed on-premise at the client site (due to strict HIPAA requirements).
  • Ability to manage end-to-end automation with internally-trained functional resources (versus hiring automation engineers) for substantial cost savings.
  • Significant cost savings on licenses.
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