Quinnox’s MuleSoft implementation for leading bottler results in a 30% faster time to market


Client overview

Largest marketer of non-alcoholic beverages in Western Europe.

Business need

The customer had taken a strategic decision to migrate on-premise applications to Cloud in Q3 – 2015 as the current tool lacked the capability

  • The current tool (Mashery) lacked the capability for- Live Console, application, and Advanced Security policies.
  • Inability to scale up.
  • High application downtime.
  • Multiple Integrations and API platforms (webMethods, Informatica, Mashery).
  • Connectivity issues with existing, new SaaS and Mobile application platform.
  • Lack of out-of-the-box testing framework.
  • High OPEX Cost and Tedious Maintenance.


Quinnox set up a team with MuleSoft certified resources. Quinnox completed implementation in 3 phases with agile development and migration of API Gateway from Mashery to MuleSoft API Manager and API implementations from webMethods to Mule Runtime Manager.

The team developed interfaces on MuleSoft based on the criteria of Cloud-Cloud, On Premise-Cloud integrations.

MuleSoft with Salesforce had the following integrations:

  • Quinnox integrated around 40+ API/Interface SFDC – SAP R3, SFDC – Customer Trading Partners.
  • MuleSoft inventory has a total of 104 Interfaces/API available in MuleSoft CloudHub.
  • Edge Systems are SFDC ( CRM System ), SAP R3 ( ERP System ), AWS, SharePoint & Trading Partners.
  • Mule Run time version – 9.
  • Production System Running on 8 Vcores.
  • Integrations of different Business groups – OTC, Reporting, Information Systems.
  • SFDC operations on the objects like – Account, Invoice, Order, Sell-Out-Data.
  • Approx 120 Transaction per month for an API.

Our solution features enable:

  • Out-of-the-box API management capability.
  • Continuous Integration (CI) ready.
  • Packaged Munit testing framework.
  • Sophisticated cross-cloud integration applications.
  • Seamless connectivity with multiple connectors.


  • 42% reduction in OPEX due to Subscription-based license. Decommissioned Informatica, Mashery, and additional webMethods License.
  • 30% faster time to market with agile development.
  • Adherence to advanced security policies with out of box API management.
  • Near-Zero application downtime with the help of CloudHub.
  • Auto – Scalability with iPaaS solution and access to public resources like APIs, Connectors, Templates and Transformers.
  • Enhanced agility to act on new information quickly.
  • Synchronizing master product lists between SAP and Salesforce.
  • Out-of-Box Salesforce Connector enables you to connect to the Salesforce SOAP API, REST API, Bulk API, and Streaming API, depending on the operation configured.
  • The automated flow of information between Salesforce & Trading partners.

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