Is your testing always playing catch up with development?

Accelerate the velocity of your testing through automation.

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Tests more with fewer resources? It takes a new approach to succeed.

The world is shifting – transforming, digitalizing and automating at great velocity. Those that can deliver high-quality and innovative products and services successfully in this new world rely on the agility and rapid innovation of testing and QA.

But the requirements of multiple channels – web, mobile, desktop, social – along with multiple devices make digital testing more complex than ever. And database integrity, UI level workflows, and microservices applications create more work with fewer resources.

At Quinnox, we take a testing QA approach focused on the user experience that can help you achieve continuous improvement, test automation, and performance that consistently meets your business requirements.

Explore our testing solutions and succeed in today’s shifting world.

Testing @ Quinnox

Accelerated velocity. Operational excellence.

We believe successful QA is about velocity. In the agile and DevOps world, automation rules and testing is always playing catchup with frequent releases. For testing to keep pace, automation has to be functional and democratized. That mean the people who understand the impact of a change from an end user’s perspective should build your automated tests. The involvement of business analysts early on reduces defects, maximizes coverage, and decreases the need for test cases.

At Quinnox, our QA mindset is about accelerated velocity and operational excellence.

Accelerated velocity

We help accelerate velocity using DevOps with a focus on shift left, continuous testing, and automation scripts that result in 40 percent less effort. We also help reduce overhead script-less automation, resulting in fewer teams. Other benefits include:

  • Automated UI, Database and API tests using a single tool
  • Flexible licensing policies that ensure faster time to market
  • Automated integration testing

Operational excellence

We can help you remove the barriers to end-to-end testing by using service virtualization, increase exploratory testing by automating your regression suite, and Increase your volume of daily tests using parallel execution. Best of all, you gain an improved customer experience with real-time performance testing. You also gain the ability to:

  • Run your automated scripts in lights-off or unattended mode
  • Notify developers via email and share integration with defect management systems
  • Gain insights from predictive analytics
  • Meet all your testing needs: big data, API, omnichannel, shift right, continuous

Testing services that unlock substantial business value

We offer a full suite of service to help your organization achieve the highest quality QA, no matter where you currently stand on the testing maturity level. We can help you begin your transformational journey with a strategic roadmap, fill the gaps in your testing competencies, and take your organization to the next QA level.

Solutions that shatter barriers and drive opportunity

With Quinnox as your partner, you’ll gain access to solutions that can help you overcome typical barriers to effective testing and tool that can help your organization seize on its biggest opportunities. In our testing competency, these solutions include: