Testing SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

For many, SMAC represents the four technology pillars currently driving business innovation. But, in reality, it is the synergy created by these four pillars that is driving change. Quinnox offers SMAC testing solutions and more.

Quinnox QTACT

SMAC and a Next-Gen Testing Platform

According to a recent study conducted by Gartner, there are more than 4.9 billion connected devices today, which is expected to reach an astounding 30 billion by 2020. SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud – drives today’s enterprise business innovations. The advent and emergence of various sources and gadgets that derive data, such as smartphones, wearable devices, and connected televisions, means SMAC testing has become a top priority.


Testing 3.0 in a SMAC world


For many, SMAC represents the four technology pillars currently driving business innovation. But, in reality, it is the synergy created by these four pillars that is driving change.

With the proliferation of SMAC, traditional testing has undergone transformative changes. Waves of digitalization, coupled with Agile and DevOps disciplines, are driving expectations for higher quality assurance (QA). With the increased pace of delivery and the ever-evolving technology landscape, every enterprise’s QA strategy needs to be technology-specific, and more aligned with business outcomes. Bridging the gap with traditional QA approachesusing processes, tools, industrialization and an intelligent automation platform is absolutely essential today... and exactly how Quinnox can help.

At Quinnox, SMAC testing is not done by testing each individual component piecemeal, but in its entirety. We consider social media as the front-end for SMAC... analytics the media that captures insights from social media...cloud as the platform that enables changes and transformations... and mobility as the driver of all traffic. This new business-centric approach has been crafted from proven processes, tools, frameworks, and methodologies that 4 have achieved real-world results.

SMAC World

An on-demand compliance solution

The Quinnox Technology Assurance, Compliance & Testing (QTACT) business unit offer today’s forward-looking enterprises a next-gen testing platform. The QTACT team employs a very preventive, scientific, and tool-driven approach to manage and mitigate business risks. We test all aspects of connected platforms and ecosystems, across industries and boundaries. Our solutions work seamlessly across Agile and DevOps models, and leverage service virtualization, model-based testing, cloud-based automation, predictive QA analytics, and risk-based testing approaches. This results in a lifecycle automation platform.

The Quinnox Cognitive Test Cloud

In today’s world, enterprises face challenges like:
- IT incapable of delivering projects at go-to market speeds expected by the business
- Low testing accuracy with legacy technologies, along with the obstacles of technology stack diversity, complexity, and interoperability issues
- Traditional testing tools that don’t address gaps for digitizing mobile, IOT, big data, security, and ALM
- The high cost of delivering projects and products
- Poor consumer experiences due to insufficient or inaccurate testing

To address these challenges, Quinnox has developed a comprehensive, on-demand testing solution that includes 5 DevOps, and ALM capabilities, as well as an incorporation of predictive and containerization solutions. The Quinnox Cognitive Test Cloudpay-per-use suite of predictive cloud-based software and services is designed to support dynamic testing, and is tailored to mid-market companies with a high priority on speed-to-market. The Cognitive Test Cloud solution includes:
- Testing accelerators for domains
- Predictive capability
- A model-based testing philosophy
- Open source software and containerization

Specialized testing and services

We offer a portfolio of highly-specialized testing solutions and services.