Qinfinite: How Quinnox’s Next-Gen AMS Platform is Revolutionizing Business Operations with Real-time Insights

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Vidhyashankar Ganapathy

Over the past decade, the rapid evolution of cloud computing and automation has completely changed how businesses operate. As technology advances, the capabilities of applications also change. This has a significant impact on application support and maintenance services.

With an ever-evolving landscape, staying ahead of the latest trends is critical for businesses that must keep their operations running smoothly. Companies must weigh a myriad of factors when choosing the most reliable and cost-efficient approach to their application support and maintenance needs — from planning procedures, onboarding personnel, maintaining systems performance goals, risk management strategies, and more.

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT operations have been transformed from a manual process into an automated one – leading to dramatic improvements in productivity and cost-efficiency. This shift towards AIOPS (AI Operations) continues revolutionizing IT infrastructure and processes within organizations worldwide. As more businesses realize the potential for AIOPS to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and continually monitor their systems for error prevention, this trend will become more prevalent in years to come—making it essential for business owners and technologists to stay informed on these important changes.


Quinnox addresses these obstacles by providing a next-generation comprehensive, automated AMS platform. This platform integrates with existing IT systems, learns the nuances of the applications, and creates a service map using AI/ML technology. Once aligned with a business process, it ensures consistent uptime across applications. This same platform provides multiple perspectives for enterprise stakeholders, highlighting real-time updates of end-to-end processes. The platform allows enterprises to see everything from detailed IT applications to an overarching view, thus facilitating service optimization. This, in turn, leads to cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency, freeing up resources for investment in developing advanced digital applications.

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How Qinfinite works:

Qinfinite is a next-gen AMS platform that auto-discovers and models a digital twin of an enterprise’s IT assets, whether on-premises, cloud, or hybrid to help observe, assess, automate, and optimize the IT operations by providing a single plane of glass to detect, prevent and resolve issues across the ecosystem. The platform provides customizable views for business, operations, and IT, facilitating application management based on business functions.

Powered by AI, it offers end-to-end monitoring and service detection, alongside predictive analysis and smart view for continuous IT operation optimization. It delivers actionable insights for informed decision-making and problem-solving across multiple enterprise levels.

Key Features of Qinfinite:

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  • Enables the automated discovery, detection, recommendation, diagnosis, remediation, and optimization of applications across a company’s IT assets.
  • Maps IT systems to business processes, offering real-time visibility of application statuses within IT operations to business users, facilitating informed decision-making.

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  • Allows the simulation of application component failures and infrastructure breakdowns to evaluate system responses and recovery capabilities.
  • Offers businesses insights into potential IT infrastructure vulnerabilities, identifies single points of failure, and helps implement strategies to improve system resilience and fault tolerance.


  • Provides enterprises with the capability to centrally manage and monitor their Machine Learning (ML) models, ensuring uniformity and control.
  • Includes features like retraining and optimizing ML models to adapt to evolving business environments. This empowers organizations to constantly enhance their ML models’ performance and accuracy using updated data and sophisticated algorithms.
  • Gives Operations Managers centralized oversight and control over the entire lifecycle of ML models, promoting improved governance, optimization, and alignment with changing business needs.

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  • Business processes are linked to system availability to offer real-time system availability. In cases of downtime, the platform uses auto-classification algorithms to aid in invoking remediation processes, guaranteeing quick and precise responses.

Here’s How Qinfinite Delivers Business Value:

By leveraging AI technologies, Qinfinite enables proactive monitoring and predictive analytics, identifying potential bottlenecks before they impact critical operations. This not only enhances overall efficiency but also optimizes resource allocation, reducing costs and maximizing productivity. With Quinnox’s Qinfinite, organizations can unlock the true potential of their IT operations, ensuring seamless business continuity and driving long-term success.

Qinfinite helps automate asset lifecycle management and enables organizations to

  • Deploy applications faster
  • Ensuring high availability
  • Automated inventory replenishment, and
  • Real-time asset discovery

Furthermore, Qinfinite has helped businesses achieve some great success numbers as listed below:

Up to 80% reduction in Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Up to 60% reduction in the AMS cost and improved customer satisfaction score

A 70% improvement in operational efficiency

In conclusion, Quinnox’s Qinfinite is not just an AI-driven AMS platform; it is a game-changer that delivers tangible business value. By providing an end-to-end view for both business teams and operations teams, Qinfinite empowers businesses to address performance issues in real-time, ensuring seamless operations and proactive decision-making. With its powerful analytics capabilities, businesses can gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

Therefore, if your organizations require holistic AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) and MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) based solutions for 360-degree visibility into application management, then Qinfinite is the solution.

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