Leveraging Automation to Overcome Challenges in Calypso Testing: How CATT and Quinnox Can Help?

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Harshit Shrivastava & Chirag Bhanushali

As a financial institution, do you still rely on manual testing methods that let bugs slip through and compromise your software quality?
Do you know, as per research done by PWC, a defect identified after the software has gone live can cost 100 times more to fix than if it were found in earlier stages?
In this fast pace world where upgrades are happening monthly and custom releases are being done weekly, why settle for testing these changes manually and make your systems inconsistent when more than 70% of industries are targeting to adopt Automated testing solutions?
Automation testing can help you reduce manual effort by 40% and detect 21% more bugs before deployment.

So the big question is, are you still willing to use Manual testing methods for your Calypso application?

As you know, Calypso is a leading software platform used for capital markets, investment management, and treasury. Its comprehensive suite of modules enables clients to automate their operations across the entire lifecycle of a trade. Calypso has been deployed in over 50 countries, with more than trillions of dollars traded on its platform annually.

When it comes to keeping your Calypso application up to date, regular maintenance and upgrades are essential for ensuring the system’s security and performance. To help accomplish this, Calypso recommends two minor upgrades per year to address any vulnerabilities and keep the system running smoothly. Additionally, a major upgrade every two years may be necessary to incorporate significant changes and implement new features. However, performing testing and data Migration manually for these upgrades can be time-consuming and error-prone.

So how do you ensure your Calypso application works as expected and meets business requirements? How do you test your Calypso application efficiently and effectively?

The answer is CATT - Calypso Automated Testing Tool

Calypso Automated Testing Tool (CATT), a software automated testing solution provided by Calypso for clients to develop and execute automated test scripts for existing Calypso instances, regression testing, and upgrade projects. CATT helps you to reduce the total cost of Ownership (TCO) and implementation risk. Also enables you to cut down the software testing time and costs required before upgrades and new installations by up to 40%.

What Can You Automate with CATT?

Regression testing of Calypso workflows: With CATT, you can record test scenarios and replay them automatically to ensure that new changes or updates haven’t broken existing functionality or workflows. For example, you can use CATT to test trade capture, confirmation, settlement, and accounting workflows for different asset classes and products.

End-to-end testing of Calypso: You can also use CATT to test the entire trade lifecycle from start to finish, including interactions with upstream and downstream systems. This can help identify bottlenecks and issues in the trade flow, such as failed trades or unmatched trades.

Load testing: You can use CATT to simulate real-world trading scenarios and measure Calypso’s performance under different conditions and loads. For example, you can simulate high-volume trading days or peak hours to determine if the system can handle the load without slowing down or crashing.

Integration testing with external systems: CATT can be used to test integrations with external systems, such as SWIFT, DTCC, or other trading platforms. You can send messages and transactions to these systems and verify that they have been processed correctly.

By using CATT to test your Calypso application, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Calypso Consultant
Below is a graphical representation of how Calypso Automated Testing Tool can save time, improves quality and reduce cost when compared with Manual Testing
Calypso Testing

Why Choose Quinnox to Solve Calypso Testing Challenges?

  • Quinnox has over 300 testing professionals, with 70% being certified Test Professionals (ISTQB / ISEB / CSQA / CSTE/ TMMi).
  • Over 80% of these professionals have experience in one or more testing toolsets. With more than 20 years of delivering testing solutions
  • The company has earned recognition from Gartner for its SaaS-based testing platform, Qyrus, as an AI-augmented software testing tool.
  • Forrester recognizes Qyrus as the only AI-infused continuous testing platform in their Trends Report – TuringBots Offer a Peek into Next-Generation Development (2022).

How Quinnox Can Help in Calypso Testing Using CATT (Calypso Automated Testing Tool)?

  • More than 16 years of Partnership with Calypso (Now Adenza)
  • Quinnox boasts over 150+ trained Calypso resources with over 12 years of average experience as domain specialists and has delivered multiple projects in the area of Automated Testing.
  • Their expertise in Calypso is evident in the successful completion of more than 6 Calypso v16 & v17 version upgrades across three continents, more than 6 data migrations to Calypso
  • With more than 7000 automated test cases for Calypso testing using CATT (Calypso Automated Regression testing solution) & QFrame (Quinnox accelerator)
  • Quinnox’s solutions can reduce test cycle time by 20-30% while increasing productivity by 7-10%.
  • Quinnox has a proven record of reducing the Total cost of Ownership by 30%

Final Thought

CATT is a smart and effective way to ensure your application works as expected and meets your business requirements. CATT offers features and benefits that make testing easy and efficient. By using CATT, you can save time and cost, reduce risk, improve quality, and achieve better results.
If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you test your Calypso application with CATT, Quinnox is the right choice. We have the skills, experience, and tools to help you achieve your testing goals. Quinnox can help you leverage the power of CATT to test your Calypso application with our expertise and experience. Using CATT, we can help you design, develop, execute, and report your test cases. We can also help you migrate your existing test cases to CATT and support you throughout the testing process.
Contact us to know how we can help you set up an immaculate automated testing practice with CATT and Quinnox’s expertise.

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