Automation Dashboard - a necessity to derive the actual value.

UI automation

Automation of User Interface is one area where an enormous amount of efforts is being invested today. While UI automation is time-consuming and often dubbed as fragile, it is extremely critical that the UI layer is tested thoroughly. UI is always the final manifestation of all the work that is done on a given product or a project.

At Quinnox we understand the importance of UI automation and have built our UI automation solutions (QTAF) on the philosophy of scriptless automation. The tool not only increases your speed of automation by 35-40%, but it also allows functional testers to be in complete control of overall automation.

One of the key challenges in UI automation is that its visibility is restricted to the core automation team at an operational level. The only other connect that happens is when the status reports are sent out during the script development and execution phase. Both these reports from development and execution phases are after the fact and have very little real-time relevance.

The need of the day is a dashboard that not only captures and displays the results in real time but also generates meaningful analytics out of the data captured. This dashboard needs to address two core issues – one data display in real time and second opening up possibilities of sharing information with other key testing stakeholders (example: Development team, Program Managers, Product owners etc).

While commercial tools have such features built-in their products most of the custom developed frameworks lack this. At Quinnox, we understand the importance of this and have built a dashboard integrated with the core automation solution.

  • Key features of QTAF – Dashboard
  • Brings all automation results to a single location
  • Facilitates submission of defects and evidences directly from a failed test script to a bug tracking system
  • Enables analysis on collected data of executions and helps to identify fail patterns
  • Displays real-time information from test runs along with the corresponding results and screenshots
  • Allows multiple projects to be on-boarded
  • Allows data to be captured at a release level
  • Allows comparing results across different releases
  • Displays the overall progress made during execution phase thereby helping teams to understand their overall speed of execution
  • Summarizes data and also allows drill down reporting
  • Allows archiving of run data for future analysis

Generates meaningful analytics like: – Overall Execution status on a given day – Distribution of scripts across different scenarios for a given day – Details around devices and browsers used for execution – Details around OS versions used for execution.

To know more about QTAF dashboard and demo experience, please reach out to us.

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