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Quinnox Test Automation Framework (QTAF)

The key to successful QA in DevOps is velocity. With QTAF, the entire project team is equipped with automation skills, so that you can churn out automated scripts at a much faster pace.


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The key to successful QA in DevOps is velocity.

With QTAF, the entire project team is equipped with automation skills, so that you can churn out automated scripts at a much faster pace. QTAF is the next generation script-less framework for automating web and mobile-based applications. With a proven track record, QTAF takes testing velocity to new speeds with recognized benefits to your business:

● Cut initial framework development efforts by 85% with a rich, stable, and ready-to-deploy framework

● Save up to 35% in overall turnaround time with parallel execution

● Save up to 40% in development and maintenance efforts with a solution allowing scripting in plain English (versus scripts)

● Boost productivity by 45% with unattended testing execution

● Save on licensing costs with our industry-standard open-source framework

QTAF offers several additional benefits too:

● Improved visibility of quality risks

● Reduced feedback latency

● The bandwidth you need to perform exploratory testing or run test scenarios

Plus, QTAF also ensures your project release stays on schedule with quicker ramp up or ramp down of resources, as well as a consistent and predictable automation approach.

Overcoming conventional automation challenges

You seek automation in testing for good reasons. Automation saves time, reduces effort, and helps you to do more with less. But not all testing automation solutions are alike.

Conventional automation frameworks are often less reliable and time-consuming with high maintenance needs. Other challenges include:

  • Longer time to market – other solutions can result in 83 percent longer turnaround
  • Too much time spent on test script maintenance – up to 35 percent of the overall effort
  • Increased cost due to frequent changes to the application – up to 70 percent

Our proprietary QTAF solution was developed to help you overcome these and other key challenges associated with conventional testing automation.


QTAF gives your project teams and functional testers the tools and skills needed to churn out automated scripts, all without writing a single line of code. It’s a next-gen automation solution built so all your team members – developers, business analysts, and testers – can boost the velocity of your testing execution without the highly specialized expertise usually needed. Note: The upcoming version of QTAF will support SAP ECC, .Net Forms and .Net WPF applications

Easy access

Work with scripts from a web-based portal and view real-time test run results and screenshots. QTAF works seamlessly with all leading web-based technologies and mobile apps.

Work smarter

Save time with parallel execution on multiple machines. Auto versioning of scripts prevents accidental overwrites.

Gain meaningful, actionable analytics

Gain insights into the distribution of scripts across different scenarios, and details around devices, browsers, and OS versions used for execution.

Get a single pane of view with a unified dashboard

View overall execution status with a dashboard that displays data in real time with and allows you to share data with your entire team.

Case Studies

Proof that execution and commitment are how we roll

  • QTAF

    A global real estate powerhouse uses the QTAF and offshore resources for efficient, automated, and cost-effective regression testing that results in $440K annual savings.440K annual

    Software provider

    Software provider benefits from 1,200 test cases in just five months using the Quinnox Testing Automation Framework (QTAF).

    Automation Testing

    Quinnox Automation Testing Framework (QTAF) saves a global company 518 hours for 36 test cycles in 16 countries.