AI and the underwater astronaut

Ravi Sundaram | President - QYRUS Operations

AI and the underwater astronaut

AI and the underwater astronaut

A recent conversation about prompt engineering led to the inevitable impressionist rendering of an astronaut eating a burger underwater. Since the public got its hands on machine learning models like DALL-E and Midjourney, there has been an exciting and weird diffusion of creativity, at least as far as prompts are concerned. While the value of machine-generated art is still in its infancy, the questions and prompts add a new dimension to the AI debate. The focus on prompts and, more importantly, the value of the right question is a throwback to Design Thinking 101 and the Five Whys.

Transformer architectures have moved beyond NLP and become general-purpose machine learning architectures. Can we now extend Prompt Engineering to the business world? What are the opportunities for a new interactive rapid prototyping engine? Can we encourage creativity and innovation using prompts and transformer models for business applications? If current models take text prompts as input and use them to generate images – text-to-image prompting- how quickly can we integrate text-to-design, code, and test?

Yes, we are in a new age of innovation, one driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and its access to the public. AI is freeing humans to focus on more creative endeavors and, in other instances, replace them. In this new era, it’s a foregone conclusion that businesses must continuously embrace AI-driven innovation to stay ahead of disruption and competition.

Often overlooked, effectively managing change and retraining to keep employees engaged and motivated is equally strategic and necessary. As Korinek” and Stiglitz discuss in their 2020 paper on Steering Technological Progress, AI-based intelligent assistants complement and augment human labor; for example, navigation systems allow unskilled workers with little geographical knowledge to take up jobs as drivers. On the other hand, technologies such as Autonomous Vehicles may predominantly substitute for workers and may lower the demand for human labor.

AI adopters with a proactive strategy have significantly higher profit margins.

Meanwhile at Quinnox

Our view of AI is to use its many excellent capabilities to drive the human spirit forward – to augment human ability and further creativity for purposeful outcomes. Quinnox is deploying leading resources in AI and currently offers three AI-enabled platforms, Qyrus automates digital assurance, Qoalasce supports governance across a plurality of integration platforms, and Qinfinite enables IT and ML Operations.
But it’s not enough to invest in AI technology. To truly reap AI benefits, organizations must create a foundation within the company that supports and encourages innovation. We’re not only developing groundbreaking AI platforms, but we’re also helping businesses find out how best to use them. So, whether creating more creative processes or setting up new products, Quinnox will help your business flourish.

Qyrus – Software Test Automation Platform

Quinnox recently deployed a Software Test Automation platform called Qyrus. The platform’s central theme or ‘why?’ is to help businesses keep pace with quality while pursuing faster software release cycles and ultimately increasing speed to market. The platform’s mechanics or ‘how?’ relies on AI innovations. Algorithms that autonomously test, self-heal and predict tests ultimately enable the business innovator and the tester to provide better outcomes. Concerns about quality, availability and security dissipate when AI-induced innovation provides comprehensive testing coverage and addresses human elements by injecting creativity, pride of ownership, and meaning into testing teams. The AI addresses scale, complexity, and the many dangers of boredom and carelessness from repetitive tasks. It also provides insight and allows the testing team to do what they do best – break systems with creative zeal.

Conversational bots and ‘what if’ testing models that take advantage of test data repositories for industries and effectively respond to prompts is the latest iteration to address creative narratives and testing experience for software testers and business innovators.

In summary, Qyrus is an AI-enabled software test automation platform that helps businesses increase efficiency and productivity. Qyrus uses algorithms that autonomously test, self-heal and predict tests, ultimately enabling the business innovator and the tester to provide better outcomes. Satya Nadella likes to use the AI metaphor – in the loop, on the loop, and off the loop. In the case of Qyrus, it is an ‘in the loop’ solution.

Qoalasce – Enterprise Integration Governance

Qoalesce is a platform-agnostic solution designed to manage, monitor, and govern a broad portfolio of integration processes. Its AI-augmented capabilities help global and midsize organizations that will continue to have a plurality of integration platforms. Although they will try to consolidate the number of integration platforms, it will prove very hard over the next three to five years. Using one platform to enable all the use cases they must support will be incredibly cumbersome.

Advancements in cloud/SaaS, mobile, and IoT will continue to fragment organizations’ applications and data portfolios, which means they will have more integration work. The need for greater business agility, shorter time to value, and faster innovation will force organizations to “democratize” integration, that is, to make integration platform capabilities available to a more significant number of people inside (and possibly outside) the organization.
Therefore, CIOs and IT departments will find it challenging to enable a broader audience to use various integration platforms. At the same time, CIOs and IT departments must maintain centralized monitoring, management, administration, and governance of all the integration processes created by this audience.

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Qinfinite – IT and ML Ops Platform

Qinfinite is an AI-enabled IT operations platform that helps businesses automate repetitive tasks and improve overall efficiency. Qinfinite automates server provisioning, application deployments, and monitoring, which can be tedious and time-consuming for companies. Qinfinite also provides real-time insights into performance issues so businesses can resolve them quickly and efficiently. The chief components of the platform are: Continuous Discovery & Assessment of IT assets Knowledge Graph powered algorithms for contextual and autonomous IT Operations. Digital Twin Models that monitor and maintain IT systems. As Reid Hoffman likes to say, every business is an experiment, a permanent Beta, and you are always a work-in-progress, infinite learner – at Quinnox, we actively subscribe to the philosophy. Want to learn more about AI-augmented solutions and testing? Check out Quinnox.com and Qyrus.com

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