Digital healthcare platform powered with big data analytics delivers healthy business benefits

Digital healthcare platform

Client overview

A leading U.S. healthcare technology provider teams with Quinnox to build an innovative relational health platform that reduces costs, creates efficiencies, and more.

Business need

Building a persuasion engine to extend care through the digital channels. This company sought to build a wellness portal, dubbed the “Persuasion Engine,” to influence positive and health patient behavior, helping to achieve the primary business goal of reducing medical costs. The platform would be designed to impact everyday behavior by creating a highly personalized experience that included their unique health goals, lifestyle attributes and motivators.

In building the platform, the company needed to overcome challenges related to the total cost of ownership, scalability, and minimal hardware investments. System upgrades and enhancements would have to be considered, and the portal would have to address omni-channel functionality.


Solution aims to cut costs and realize business benefits by digitizing healthcare. The company partnered with Quinnox in order to fulfill its Persuasion Engine digital platform vision. After a thorough assessment of the project challenges, current resources, and goals, the Quinnox team decided to use an agile methodology to cater to the company’s requirements. In addition, a dedicated team worked closely with the company’s leadership and IT group to plan and design a robust architecture in order to meet the ever-changing requirements of new releases.

At a high level, the Persuasion Engine was designed to integrate and leverage a healthcare system’s digital and brand investments to help transform how they delivered health to their patients.

From a business perspective, such a platform would have the potential to:

  • Drive medical costs down.
  • Increase enrollment, engagement and marketing opportunities.
  • Reduce paperwork and drive greater efficiencies, such as reduced check-in times.
  • More easily meet compliance requirements, avoiding fines and penalties.
  • Bring greater efficiencies, speed, and reduced errors to payment processing for significan’t savings.

The Quinnox team got to work to help the company fulfill these business outcomes and more. The technology used with the solution leveraged cloud and big data to pull information and essentially digitalize the typical healthcare process. From profiling patients into different levels of motivation and ability to monitoring specific ailments, behaviors, environmental factors, and medications, to creating real-time digital interactions between patient and healthcare provider, the Persuasion Engine was built to transform how healthcare was delivered.


Costs 20 percent under budget, over $100 million saved. After a long-term engagement journey that included many notable performance and innovation benchmarks, the deployment of the Quinnox enterprise mobility solution had an immediate and lasting impact in addressing the retailer’s many challenges.
There are other important results, milestones and achievements for this project, including:

  • Meeting scalability requirements for future growth.
  • Faster-time-to-market using hybrid Agile methodology with test driven development.
  • Lower integration costs due to data ingestion framework.
  • No CAPEX due to cloud-based model.
  • Omni-channel integration with mobile, tablets, and desktops.
  • Quick onboarding through the self-provisioning of users.

With capabilities that provide a 360-degree view of patients’ health and a single, unified source of information using multiple streams of data to help digitize healthcare, the Persuasion Engine project brings true business benefits to healthcare chains. As a testament to its value to both patients and the business, the initial target enrollment of 20,000 more than doubled to 45,000 within a few short months.

Financially, the biggest business impact was in payment processing where costly conflicts were reduced by 20 percent. With the use of this platform, processing time was also cut in half – from up to eight weeks down to four. This has resulted in a 70 percent reduction of transaction costs, elimination of fines, and faster payments – business benefits that have already resulted in over 100 million dollars in savings.

  • 20% under budget
  • 40% increase in transactions
  • $110m More than $100 million savings
  • 45K enrollment – more than double the target

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