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Digital chaos to digital Focus

Digital Business Services: Helping You Make That Crucial Digital Shift

Today’s world is rapidly shifting towards new digital media, driving organizations to digitize their business processes and models. Many organizations are realizing the business value unleashed by digital forces. They are now focusing on the powerful digital and disruptive enablers such as mobile, analytics, social media, big data and cloud to fuel topline growth, improve customer experiences, and foster a culture of innovation.


The Quinnox digital shift approach


Our approach to digitalization at Quinnox is innovation-led, and focused on disruptive technologies, insights, and processes to enhance customer experiences and operations. We use digital components such as analytics, mobility, social media, and smart-embedded devices to change customer experience journeys and internal processes. We leverage an integration of DevOps services and Agile practices, along with a global delivery model that helps us to deliver continuous innovation with speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

We’ve used our real-world experience and expertise to develop a framework focused on helping your enterprise achieve your digital transformation goals and objectives.


Our Approach - digitalThroughdesign

Most top companies are successful as they have incorporated Design as part of their organization, which is measured by Design Value Index (DVI). At Quinnox, it is our constant endeavor to use design as a practice at every phase of the solution. Our digital design process is mapped to Damien Newman’s Design Squiggle.

Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” 
– Paul Rand, Art Director

Quinnox Design Approach

This squiggle is intended as a visualization of the design process, a way to show clients how things, “might be uncertain in the beginning, but in the end we’d focus on a single point of clarity. And to get to the single point of clarity Quinnox:

  1. Starts with understanding the Company’s value chain and existing digital assets, which is followed by customer journey mapping
  2. Focuses on relevance, the key element, while building any solution
  3. Follows our overall design process - Discover, (Re)Frame opportunity, Incubate, Ideate, Evaluate/Refine, Rapid Prototype/Test, Deliver, Iterate & Scale with our multi-disciplinary team of Customer Experience specialists, Data Scientists, Architects, Story-tellers, Entrepreneurs, Digital experts, Business strategists and domain experts

This approach ensures cost reduction, revenue growth and improved operational efficiencies.

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