DevOps for accelerated innovation

If you’re looking to accelerate innovation with faster development and deployment, let our DevOps team show you how it’s done.

Reduced time-to-market. Continuous improvement. Accelerated delivery. Improved customer experience.

Today’s IT catch phrases send a clear message – hyper competitive pressures means that new, multiple-release features must be deployed very rapidly. This calls for businesses to be extremely agile and responsive. Agile software development enables greater collaboration between business and IT through iterative development, ensuring increased productivity, improved time-to-market, high-quality products and early business value realization.

All this and more can be achieved with DevOps, an Agile-based approach that unifies your software development and operations teams, adding extreme automation during the software development cycle.

Why Quinnox for DevOps

We help our customers accelerate DevOps adoption, improve speed, quality, reliability, availability and scalability of applications by:

  • Leveraging digital automation to reduce operational costs
  • Using our proprietary tools and accelerators for big data, BI, integrations, digital transformation, and more
  • Leveraging our expertise in major trends – automation, robotics, internet of things, and mobility
  • Merging our DevOps platform with best-in-class tools and continuous monitoring of applications
Application Pressure
  • Focus on Iterative / Agile Development
  • Manage Information Intensive projects with tighter timelines
  • Meet demands for choice across multiple platforms
Interface Pressures
  • How do we enable responsible and responsive provisioning
  • How do we jointly ensure service quality and performance
Infrastructure Pressures
  • Focus on cost efficiency
  • Maintain resilience on complex architectures
  • Meet demands for availability and minimize platform windows

DevOps in Quinnox

Quinnox’s Agile DevOps solutions leverage mature processes, tools, frameworks and industry best practices to help you respond to market changes faster, and enhance software development efficiency. We can help ensure your enterprise achieves IT and business agility, while improving quality and productivity.

Our Approach to DevOps

Our DevOps approach and tools are focused on two chief goals– helping your businesses respond to market changes faster and improving your software development efficiency. →


Our DevOps solutions feature best-in-class toolsets for deployment, monitoring, and build-and-test. Whether provisioning, open source network monitoring, source code management, or any other vital DevOps tasks, we use only the best available technology in our toolkit.

DevOps ToolSets
Evaluate Assess the business capabilities, requirements and priorities
Plan Define release plans, implementation plans, test strategy and high level design document, inline with the business plans
Execute - Configure, create and integrate processes as per business requirements
- Create reusable best practices templates and automate build, test and deployment framework
Release - Deployment of framework
- Continuous monitoring and automated feedback
- Continuous assessment
Test Test DevOps, capabilities, frameworks, environments, processes

Transform Your Service Delivery with Automation

We can help implement and integrate development and test automation processes to continuously achieve consistency, stability, reliability and velocity for your organization.


Continuous Integration and Delivery

Our CI framework can improve your service delivery and product capabilities by:

  • Providing continuous feedback to product groups and business owners
  • Automating scripting to ensure uniformity in software releases and hardware provisioning
  • Locking deployment and testing for fast and reliable feedback

Build/Test Automation

Test automation is emerging as a major part of successful DevOps. Our test automation features:

  • Automated tests and data to ensure full coverage on change and dependent systems
  • Regression and performance test suites Testing throughout the entire SDLC

Server verification – both internal and external systems – before software is deployed