Quinnox enables centralized visibility across dealer network by upgrading Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Client overview

A product company based in the USA offering pioneering retail automotive inventory software solutions that helps car dealerships to transform the way consumers buy cars.

Business need

The client had an in-house Inventory Management System (IMS) that consisted of a complex and heavily customized code base on multiple technologies. They were looking for a partner who could manage and enhance the existing IMS enabling faster time to market new features with the end objective of gaining competitive advantage. The key challenges that they faced included lack of process related documentation resulting in a lengthy on-boarding process for new resources, lack of a proper process and methodology to deliver, maintain or support any updates or enhancements, which impacted the business and 18-24 months backlog of critical features and bugs.


Quinnox did an extensive and exhaustive study of the complex code base and architecture, and reverse engineered the code, thereby creating proper documentation of business processes, rules and sequences. Quinnox also upgraded the old technology stack and utilized various services of AWS capabilities with continuous integration for faster releases. The team also streamlined the governance and reporting processes, while automating the regression and integration testing suite.


  • 10 times increase in rate of issue resolution and business critical enhancements leading to faster clearing of backlogs.
  • Reduced resource on-boarding time from 3 months to 2 weeks to ensure the immediate availability of the right mix of skills Weekly and metric based Monthly reporting led to accurate operational visibility.
  • Delivered Real time Pricing & Analytics to appraise and merchandise inventory.
  • Centralized visibility across the entire dealer group and insight into the effectiveness at each store in areas of Appraisal, Pricing, Stocking and Time to Market.

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