'Employee Experience' at the Heart of Organizational Growth and Success

Rekha Raj | Chief Operating Officer - Quinnox

Employee Experience

I would like to start by quoting Lou Holtz as he once said— “Ability is what you are capable of doing, motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it “. This is not just apt for the sporting culture as Lou envisaged it but also for organizations that are primarily at the cusp of new-age digital transformation. The success of an organization directly correlates with the amount of sweat each employee plants into the system and how convincingly the enterprise moves the needle of employee engagement. And to achieve that, an organization has to create an atmosphere of trust and accountability towards its employees. It has to place Employee Experience (EX) at the very heart of organizational foundation if sustainable growth is one of the key outliners.

As a forward-thinking organization, we firmly affirm that a great employee experience inevitably results in superior customer experience. We at Quinnox have a structure and methodology in place to cater to the present-day employee expectations and needs. A clear philosophy guides our various employee experience efforts. One such leap in that direction has been our focus on HR processes transformation. By embracing Digitization and simplifying our various HR processes, we have been able to drive business agility and at the same time, augment workforce experience and boost efficiency. I would love to enunciate our other endeavors towards achieving employee experience, but that’s something I will reserve for another day and column.

It’s my humble belief that like a four-legged stool, four primary constituents determine organizational efficacy—innovation, collaboration, talent, and values. Each has its own importance and are powerful together. With any one of them lacking in spirit, instability looms large. At Quinnox, we have always maintained that our employees are the real heroes behind our success story. To script one accomplishment after another takes a lot of effort and, most importantly, unification of individual goals with the organization’s larger objective. This can only be achieved when your employees are very much connected to the organizational goals. We continuously strive to create and nourish a collaborative and engaging culture that brings out the best in each one of our employees. We believe in providing a workplace environment that empowers them to be future-ready, to make an impact every day, and in that process, define and accelerate their career path. It’s a part of Quinnox culture to invest in its workforce, give them the right tools and training to upskill so that when the time comes, they are better equipped to identify, partake and exploit fleeting responsibilities.

I firmly subscribe to the belief that ideas germinate from people with the right skills and mindset and are at the very heart of innovation. We at Quinnox strive to create a work atmosphere that inspires employees to even outperform themselves, venture into challenging territories and come out with striking outcomes. As a people-first company, we empower our employees to be curious, to think differently, and take risks. Suffice to say, we enable them with platforms that help bring out the Entrepreneur in each one of them. Together we are driven by a common goal— Accelerate Quinnox’s Success.

Before I conclude, I would like to accentuate that the best way to see and seek employee experience is through the lens of employees. By doing this, one can create a more engaged workforce and deliver better business outcomes.

– Rekha Raj | Chief Operating Officer – Quinnox



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