Quinnox establishes readily scalable, modernized AWS platform across 3 time zones

AWS platform

Client overview

One of the leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers that has a product portfolio of converged mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, wireless accessories, end-to-end video and data delivery, and management solutions.

Business need

Client had a legacy application, which had multiple performance issues due to poorly designed interfaces and lack of a stable framework and effective design. Moreover, any code change made in the production system resulted in a delay in deployment.


Quinnox migrated the legacy application to a highly available and scalable AWS Cloud and leveraged Infrastructure as Code using AWS Cloudformation, which enables clients to set up a highly available three tier environment in just one click.

The application was redesigned using the latest technologies, leveraging the Agile Scrum development methodology.

Quinnox resolved app performance issues by optimizing the database queries. The team also implemented DevOps (automated test-build-deployment) to ensure Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), and provided test automation services.


  • Reduced operating costs with the highly scalable AWS platform with load based auto scaling configuration.
  • Highly available environment due to the provisioning of opswork instance across three availability zones 100% automation on build, test and deployment which reduce the application release duration.
  • Implemented security at multiple layers [LDAP authentication, layer 7, VPC (NACL), Security Groups at Opswork Layers and S3 bucket and Akamai security policies.
  • Reduced down time and enhanced application performance resulting in improved business.

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