MuleSoft support improved application availability to 99.9% for largest bottler in North America

Salesforce integration

Client overview

The largest bottler that produces, distributes, and markets bottle and canned liquid non-alcoholic refreshment products in North America.

Business need

MuleSoft was chosen as the integration platform of the future with corollary goal of accelerating the adoption of best practices to increase the overall quality of service. The goal was to achieve the vision of seamlessly connecting to Cloud, Enterprise and Partner applications, systems and data across the bottler community with lower cost but higher quality and a greater degree of agility. Issues included:

  • Accelerate support intake as integrations are migrated from legacy integration platforms to MuleSoft CloudHub and on-premise.
  • Non-optimized utilization and high cost with vendor managed integration support services.
  • Support complex array of integration touchpoints across Salesforce, SAP, Mobility and Legacy applications.
  • High turnaround time for developing small to medium enhancements.


  • The Quinnox AMS team with a flex resource model supported 200+ interfaces, 11 applications across multiple domains, developed a governance model, communication processes, and templates.
  • Implemented Splunk across the MuleSoft platform for preventive maintenance and performance enhancement, version upgrade and release cycles, regular CPU optimizations, governance around testing and deployment.
  • Quinnox has approx. 10 Salesforce integration applications built-in Mulesoft using the Anypoint Connector for Salesforce that enables you to connect to the Salesforce SOAP API, REST API, Bulk API, and Streaming API.
  • Some of the salesforce integrations in the client’s landscape are:
  • Customer interaction portal (CIC) – Implemented using the Salesforce platform and Microstrategy for reporting purpose.
  • LCOA SFDC Application – Multiple inbound data integrations to LCOA and an outbound data integration from LCOA to Concur.
  • Lab Portal – Developed a Mulesoft integration service that gets the sample created or notification updated from the sample request from salesforce application to different destinations like sample manager, SAP BW and SAP R3 systems.
  • SFA – As part of the Salesforce automation for the bottlers, we have built the Bottler Integration In a Box (BIIB) integration tool using Mulesoft to ease the integration development with CloudCraze. Salesforce cloud e-commerce allows users to deploy mobile storefronts quickly, generate online revenue in weeks, and easily scale for growth.


  • Reduced Operational Cost: 45% reduction of incidents in 2016 compared to 2020. Reduced turnaround time for enhancements by using a core-flex model.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Out-performed SLAs on Response and Resolution time in the first year of engagement.
  • Knowledgebase: Moved from tribal knowledge to structured knowledge management; Developed 30+ Standard Operating Procedures and technical documentation.
  • Application Stability: Application availability improved significantly to 99.9%; Implemented 50+ permanent fixes and automation scripts.
  • The Salesforce connector supports operations across the Salesforce APIs and Web Services like SOAP API, Bulk API, Streaming API, Metadata API.

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