SAP Application Maintenance and Support

Our Application Management Services provide a flexible, tailored solution that supports global operations with 24/7 coverage across various time zones, reducing costs, and the load on your IT team.

SAP Application Management Services (AMS) are a set of processes and methodologies that help you to handle your multiple SAP environments right from development, implementation, integration, testing, maintenance, system administration, SLAs, logistics, accounting, support and help desk services. Not only that Quinnox Application Management Services (AMS) goes a step beyond your round-the-clock operation with functional and technical expertise. At AMS we drive continuous service improvements and process automation that understand and optimize your business and operations, helping you drive a complete transformation and thereby accelerating your business success.

Our innovative process automation, reporting features and dashboards, and self-service knowledge base of tools and accelerators are unique to Quinnox. The result is greater agility to manage people, processes and technologie helping you realize the full potential of your IT portfolio and ensuring consistent delivery always.

The Quinnox AMS advantage

  • Our Application Management Services provide a flexible, tailored solution that supports global operations with 24/7 coverage across various time zones, giving you distinct benefits.


  • Ability to scale the support team as per customer needs
  • Flexible staffing model – both in skills and location

Invested Partner

  • Consistent reviews of customer satisfaction and staff interactions
  • Collaborative efforts to understand, evaluate, and incorporate new and emerging technologies applicable to business needs

Operational Excellence

  • Quick and efficient integration of fixes, changes, and new application and systems
  • Leverage testing expertise – quality and regression testing using security and performance tools and technologies to efficiently install, adopt, and optimize new software functionality or changes

Metrics / SLA-based approach

  • Training and education for technical functional and management
  • Quality professional documentation (diagrams, processes)

Performance Optimization

We also help you optimize your SAP business application performance with:

  • Predictable spend
  • Flexible global delivery – right shoring coupled with flexible engagement models and tight talent
  • Faster innovation without business disruption
  • 100 percent ITIL compliant deliveries
  • Robust support, governance and transition methodology

Application Management Services: The Quinnox Way

At Quinnox, we use a highly-efficient and productive SAP AMS Model. This approach considers periodic adjustments for predictable spend, leverages a shared services and core flex model, and offers access to a broad spectrum of skill sets. The result is optimal staffing, while still meeting service level agreements and other application metrics.

Enablers that give you the power to perform

Building on years of experience across domains, we have developed innovative solutions and toolsets that can accelerate your SAP solutions journey, and maximize the value of your investment quickly, efficiently and for the long run. Presenting a whole suite of custom developed tools that will add immense value and efficiencty to your business processes:


  • Automate the transition of SAP applications, speed up transitions, reduce risk, and save by decreasing transition lead time. QTransition provides a detailed understanding of the SAP landscape, and helps reduce the knowledge transition effort by up to 70 percent. This drastically reduces the dependency of the incumbent service provider to transition the knowledge.
  • This tool leverages reverse engineering to provide in-depth information about implementation, as well as a data-centric understanding of various processes and scenarios.


  • Amenity is a single-entry point web console tool that mainly automates functionalities of password reset or unlock authorization management.
  • Password Reset / Unlock: SAP users can reset or unlock the password without security team help.
  • Authorization Management: Users can assign the authorization required without security team help, yet requires an approval process.


  • SynerG – our consolidation tool, is an accelerated methodology that can help organizations effectively meet the challenges posed by SAP instance consolidation projects. It is built on a framework of robust processes and best practices, with an array of proprietary tools and accelerators to ensure a rapid and cost-effective instance consolidation with minimal risk.


  • ZTransp is a tool that controls the change from inception to productive use by leveraging a customized change control process. With flexible and configurable approval workflows, it tightly controls the creation, releasing, and import of transports. The manual efforts involved in migration are bare minimums, and the transport sequencing errors are nearly zero. It can also be extended easily for different landscapes.


  • The Q’ontrol panel is a tool that ensures that your change management policies are enforced, and provides automated approval processes for managing SAP transports. It also provides step-by-step tracking of objects associated with changes, and integrates seamlessly with mobile devices for 24/7 on-the-move approvals. Change management teams can monitor and control facilitates with flexibility, as well as gain oversight of the distribution of transports to various systems.