SAP Analytics

Our SAP Analytics solutions can help you consolidate and analyze data that originates from various sources, easily and seamlessly.

SAP Analytics
It’s the age of Data and with so many sources of data flowing into our systems on a day to day basis organizations today struggle with consolidating and analyzing this data coming from various sources. Making sense of that data is of criticality and even with various analytical tools and systems, enterprises today are unable to derive intelligent analytics that make true business sense. Quinnox real-time analytics—coupled with SAP-driven business processes—help our customers make faster, accurate and more informed business decisions.


SAP BW/4HANA brings all of your data together and makes it actionable. A data warehouse solution built on SAP BW/4HANA can accelerate your business into real time, eliminating the boundaries between operations and analysis and putting data into the hands of decision-makers throughout your organization thereby enabling you to make better decisions based on your own actionable insights. The key features of SAP BW/4HANA include the following:
  • Accelerates open data warehousing development.
  • Offers a unique, modern interface.
  • Is built for cloud and on-premise deployment.
  • Provides advanced multi-temperature management options.

Predictive analysis with QASM

Quinnox Analytics for Enterprise and Social Media (QASM) offers a proprietary platform for complete internet, social media, and enterprise analytics based on the SAP VORA framework. The tool runs on the latest technology platform from SAP – the HANA VORA framework, which is an in-memory query engine known for lightning fast processing speeds of mass data, as well as highly accurate results. Key features of QASM
  • Ability to mine data
  • Seamless integration with various systems like ERP, portals, SAP landscape, along with social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Bolt-on solution built on SAP predictive analysis.
  • Built on HANA VORA framework, which helps leverage the in-memory query engine to make precise decisions and democratize data access.
  • Provides analytical insights from various sources, be it a SAP system or a social medial channel.
  • Provides customer behavior and sentiment analysis, which are key inputs for sales planning, campaigning, and forecasting.
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