Quinnox implements Salesforce for leading bottling & distribution company, increasing operational efficiencies

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Business need

Some of the key challenges that the customer faced included:

  • Delayed turn-around time for the development / upgrade of the existing application on Lotus Notes.
  • High license, software maintenance, development, upgrade and implementation costs.
  • High dependency on manual effort for managing and maintaining complicated developments.
  • Inability to customize the customer programs for each customer, region-wise.
  • Inability to integrate end-to-end with the pricing engine.


Quinnox reengineered the existing solution to provide ability to document, manage documents as well as business and application logic for all Customer Programs.

The solution included the following:

  • Design and development of the workflow in the force.com platform to review and approve Customer Programs before submitting for approval.
  • Design workflows to ensure that information for each program will be provided to users, based on their access permissions.
  • Develop a single window for users to vote/revote on Programs, tally votes, post questions and report execution issues about Customer Programs.
  • Automate and customize the scheduling of the report generation.

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