Quinnox DevOps Automation Framework for Calypso

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The business wants to ensure that IT is capable of adjusting its product line for last minute requirements injections or strategy changes, regulatory demands and market demands. Quinnox has built a DevOps automation framework for Calypso to address these business requirements with speed and agility as well as improved end-user satisfaction and acceptance.

DevOps is the blending of cultural change, processes, and tools to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. This approach helps enterprises.

  • Improve outcomes at a faster pace compared to traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.
  • Enables IT to better serve their business and clients, helping them compete more effectively in the market.
  • Unifies development, testing, and operations teams so that they are no longer “siloed”.
  • Ensures engineers and stakeholder work together across the entire application lifecycle, from development and testing to deployment, to operations.
  • Calypso is the leading cross-asset platform in the financial markets. Quinnox has used DevOps principles, processes and tools to build a DevOps automation framework for Calypso, fusing these two innovations together for powerful outcomes.

Our Calypso teams have helped many financial institutions implement, upgrade and support their Calypso investment. From buy-side or sell-side investment management firms to bank treasuries, we tailor each Calypso deployment to meet your organization’s unique needs – from both a business and product perspective.

  • Benefits of DevOps Automation Framework for Calypso.
  • Speed Move at a higher velocity to adapt to changes faster.
  • Rapid delivery Increase frequency and pace of releases.
  • Reliability Ensure quality of application updates and infrastructure changes so that clients can deploy reliable updates faster.

Improved collaboration Build more effective teams under a DevOps cultural model, which emphasizes mission-critical values, such as ownership and accountability.

The Quinnox DevOps Automation Framework: focused on key components of application delivery cycles.

  • Automated Resources Provisioning
  • Automated Reporting
  • Automated Testing
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Automated Build & Notifications and Code Quality control
  • Automated Deployments to Dev, QA, SIT, UAT & Production Platforms
  • Key IT challenges for Calypso users

Based on years of experience and expertise with numerous Calypso engagements, our team has developed solutions that can help you overcome typical IT issues and obstacles in getting the most from this platform. Our DevOps solution for Calypso can help IT.

  • Tackle significant architectural change derived in moving from a basic client-server to a distributed architecture.
  • Keep up with JAVA upgrades that impact custom code and interfaces.
  • Manage continuous changes in multiple integration points, as well as inbound and outbound interfaces.
  • Deliver continuous value to business users who demand faster delivery of features and functions.
  • Tackle continuous changes needed to meet regulatory compliance.
  • Ensure that the changes made in the system are continuously tested automatically.
  • Boost agility and automation through the entire software delivery process.
  • 3 reasons our solution outperforms traditional methodology.

Our experience has shown that traditional ways of delivering changes with waterfall methodology is slower, defect-ridden and not reliable, resulting in budget and time overruns.

Quinnox DevOps Automation framework is a far superior approach because of it:

  • Emphasizes collaboration and communication between both software developers and other IT professionals, while automating the process of software delivery.
  • Creates an environment where building, testing, and deployment of software can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably.
  • It not only increases developer productivity by simplifying development but also improves team productivity with the ability to code and collaborate anywhere.

3 key pillars of our DevOps solution for Calypso.

The three key pillars of Quinnox DevOps solution for Calypso are Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Testing (CT).

  • CI involves compiling, building and packaging the software on a continuous basis.
  • CD is an approach that ensures every change to the system is releasable, and can be done on-demand, and in an automated way.
  • CT ensures that all the release and deployment packages are tested using automation, and with no lag.

These three pillars enable your IT team to deliver frequent, smaller and more reliable releases. They also offer faster user feedback, ensure that the right features are developed, and make certain your business realizes the benefits much faster.

The ideal solution for Calypso customization.

Our DevOps framework helps IT teams customize Calypso so they can rapidly and reliably deliver new features to their business users. This framework automates the whole process of Calypso customization, starting from a single commit, compilation, code analysis, and testing, to packaging and deploying to the application server.

The solution enables the IT teams supporting Calypso implementations to do Continuous Integration (CI) and empowers them to:

    • Organize with version control
    • Automate, test, and expedite the build
    • Build each change
    • Fix build errors immediately
    • Test in a clone of the production environment
    • Make it easy to get the latest build results
    • Ensure that the build process is transparent to everyone
    • Automate deployment
    • Continuous Delivery (CD) adds capabilities to CI and testing, including the ready deployment of any tested change, both from a technical and quality standpoint. This means that the most current version of the product is successfully built, tested, and provided in a shippable format. With a press of a button at any time, and based on a release decision by the development team or delivery manager, it can be deployed to production.

Best-in-class open source tools.

We’ve developed our DevOps Calypso automation solution using proven open source tools and automated testing technologies. With hundreds of tools available, our automation framework allows clients to use the best choices that fit their needs. Key areas covered by DevOps solution are:

      • Automation Server Code Coverage
      • Build Automation
      • Regression Testing
      • Dashboard
      • Version Control system
      • Unit/ Regression testing
      • Code Quality
      • Let us help you with your Calypso investment

Our DevOps for Calypso solution and our expert team can help you make the most out of your investment in this leading platform.

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