Free Exclusive Access: Unleash Your Legacy System's Potential with Qinfinite Sandbox

Embark on a journey of innovation and transformation with our exclusive Qinfinite trial instance. Experience firsthand the power of AI-driven Auto Discovery and Knowledge Graph features tailored specifically for legacy systems like AS400 and COBOL. Take the first step towards modernization with our hands-on trial. 

What the Trial Includes:

  1. Simple Registration: Start by registering for your trial account.
  2. Provisioned Sandbox Environment: We’ll provision a sandbox environment and notify you with the details.
  3. Upload Your Sample Code: Personalize your trial experience by uploading sample RPG or COBOL code. Our system will directly interact with your legacy assets.
  4. Interactive Knowledge Graph Generation: Watch as Qinfinite’s algorithms create a detailed Knowledge Graph based on your uploaded code. Visualize your IT assets and their interdependencies like never before.
  5. Enhanced Insights: Gain deeper insights with flow charts illustrating operational logic and AI-generated code descriptions that simplify complex behaviors.

Important Note: Each user gets a private sandbox!  This means no data is shared with our team or environment.  Simply upload your data and watch as Qinfinite builds a knowledge graph specifically for your IT ecosystem.

Ready to Unlock Your Legacy System's Potential?

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