Quinnox joins Software AG as a Premier Partner

New Partnership to create a Connected, Intelligent & Resilient Enterprise to Accelerate Clients' Success

Software AG

Quinnox Joins Software AG Partner Connect Global Partner Program as a Premier Partner

Quinnox, a global provider of full-spectrum IT and digital solutions, today announced its partnership with Software AG, a leader in IoT, Integration, API Management, and Business Transformation software, through its PartnerConnect partner program. This partnership will further support Quinnox’s existing efforts in creating robust and highly impactful go-to-market strategies, products, and services for customers by leveraging Software AG’s tools, training, & technologies to seize market opportunities.

The Software AG PartnerConnect program empowers partners via self-service enablement to deliver products, solutions and services to meet their customer’s needs. Software AG’s award-winning software solutions are highly sought after for integration and APIs, the IoT and analytics, and business transformation. Software AG is consistently ranked a “leader” by Gartner, Forrester and other industry analysts.

Jason Johns, General Manager, Global Alliances & Channels, Software AG, commented: “The rapid pace at which technology continues to evolve is playing a major role in revolutionizing how partners connect with their customers. In this connected world, our technology helps organizations operate as truly connected enterprises by creating a fluid flow of data between their people, departments, systems and devices. Through Software AG PartnerConnect, we enable the continued transformation of our customers, as we all work to adapt to these evolving technology trends.”

Rekha Raj, Chief Operating Officer, Quinnox, added: “In today’s context, businesses demand speed and agility to respond to real-time situations. A “connected” enterprise plays an important role in integrating business-critical applications that impact most aspects of an organization and establish one source of truth that provides actionable intelligence to make timely decisions. With the combination of innovative tools, intelligent methodologies, tried and tested templates, carefully-designed organizational frameworks, together with our knowledge and experience, Quinnox helps clients build future-ready enterprise integration solutions to create exceptional business value for forward-thinking enterprises. We are pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with Software AG, which will bring together the right skills and technologies to further our customers’ digital adoption journey and to achieve their desired business outcomes.”

Learn more about Software AG’s PartnerConnect global partner program, and how you can grow your business through such a partnership or find a partner to advise, implement or build your solution. To enroll in Software AG PartnerConnect, simply complete the application.

About Quinnox

Quinnox is your agile, business-results-driven digital technology partner. With the power of human and applied intelligence, we simplify business processes, improve customer experiences and create exceptional business value for forward-thinking enterprises. Our data-driven digital solutions unlock the hidden potential of your business across your digital value chain, helping to accelerate success, today and tomorrow. We are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a presence across geographies including UK, Germany, UAE and India.

About Software AG

Software AG is the software pioneer of a truly connected world. Since 1969, it has helped 10,000+ organizations use software to connect people, departments, systems and devices. Software AG empowers truly connected enterprises using integration & APIs, IoT & analytics and business & IT transformation. Software AG’s products establish a fluid flow of data that allows everything and everyone to work together. The company has more than 4,700 employees across more than 70 countries and annual revenue of over €800m, with the aim of exceeding €1bn by 2023.

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