Gartner’s Integration Maturity Model

Report for leaders to identify existing gaps in integration capabilities, develop integration strategy, and embrace best practices for self-service integration.

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Gartner’s Integration

According to a Gartner report, at least 50% of organizations will have an integration strategy empowerment team to support self-service integration approaches by 2023.

As the investments in SaaS explode, integration is being recognized as a strategic competency to support the digital journey of businesses. As a result, many application leaders are forced to rapidly and tactically establish minimal capabilities to meet a business demand that fails to achieve desired results in the long run.

Low integration maturity drives up the cost and risk exposure. Therefore, in order to increase their organization’s integration maturity, application leaders must focus on the business objectives and try to maximize the value they receive from each investment in integration capabilities.

Supporting application leaders in their journey to build better integration capabilities, Gartner’s Five-Stage Maturity Model can be of great help and a key asset. Based on more than 20 years of analysis of the integration technology market and organizations’ approaches to integration, each level of this integration model is characterized by the degree of mastery of integration challenges in terms of awareness, organizational settings, technology platform use, methodology, approach and sourcing policy.

Use the integration maturity model illustrated below to assess your current integration capabilities, and to develop a strategy for implementing or sourcing such capabilities, in order to deliver integrations faster, cheaper and with less effort:

Gartner’s Integration Maturity Model  

Download this report to get detailed insight into Gartner’s Integration Maturity Model and its recommendations to solve the following key integration challenges:

Time constraints on the part of the application leaders to look beyond the short-term goals of their application landscape.

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Justifying investment in integration competencies is difficult compared to other priorities that offer a clearer return.

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Lack of agility in centralized integration teams to cope with the demands of business driven, product-centric delivery.

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