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I&O leaders driving resiliency initiatives for their organization should use this Market Guide to optimize the value delivered by chaos engineering practices and tools within their teams.

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In a world where disruptions are the norm, how can organizations ensure the unwavering resilience of their systems? The answer lies in chaos engineering. In Gartner’s 2022 Signature I&O Role Survey, most respondents identified improving infrastructure resilience as the top goal of I&O organizations. 

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, enterprises are increasingly faced with complex and dynamic systems that require high resiliency. This is where Chaos engineering tools play a vital role in supporting enterprise IT infrastructure to help deliver products and services efficiently and effectively. Chaos engineering tools help site reliability engineers, software engineers, and security experts proactively increase the resilience of infrastructure, applications, and processes.

For any assistance with chaos engineering, you can reach out to Quinnox to help enhance your system’s reliability and performance. Our experts will work closely to develop a tailored chaos engineering strategy aligned with your specific needs and goals.

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Benefits of Chaos Engineering

By investing in chaos engineering practices, organizations can ensure their software is more resilient, allowing customers to enjoy uninterrupted services and fostering business growth. Here are some key advantages of a well-managed chaos engineering practice:

How to Get Started with Chaos Engineering​

To embark on the journey of chaos engineering, like any scientific experiment, it’s crucial to lay the groundwork with preparation, organization, and a keen focus on monitoring and measuring results. Here’s how to get started with chaos engineering:

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Download this Market Guide to get a detailed understanding of how I&O and software engineering teams, as well as security engineers and site reliability engineers (SREs), can leverage Chaos engineering practices and tools within their teams to systematically plan, document, execute, and analyze attacks on components and systems, both before and after deployment to production. As part of successful Chaos engineering implementation strategies, this Market Guide shares valuable insights on:


How to improve system resilience, employee experience, and productivity by partnering with peers across the enterprise to broaden the use of chaos engineering.


How to operationalize improvements to production deployments by investing in chaos engineering in preproduction environments.


How to improve the organization's digital immunity by increasing the use of chaos engineering practices focused on business continuity and disaster recovery.

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