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Unlock the potential of your customer experience (CX) initiatives with comprehensive research report from Gartner® on achieving best-in-class CX wins through total experience. Learn how executive leaders can drive quick wins and elevate their organization’s CX maturity by applying a total experience strategy to targeted CX opportunities.

Key Findings of the Report:

  1. While most business areas contribute to customer experience (CX), they often operate in competing silos, thereby increasing the risk of uncoordinated and inconsistent CX initiatives with poor outcomes.

  2. Top barriers to improving CX are a lack of visibility of actions taken, technology limitations, and weak cross-departmental coordination.

  3. According to Gartner’s research, 64% of customer-facing employees say that “unnecessary effort” prevents them from delivering a higher-quality experience for customers.

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Unlock Gartner’s Chaos Engineering Findings & Recommendations for 2023

Benefits of Chaos Engineering

By investing in chaos engineering practices, organizations can ensure their software is more resilient, allowing customers to enjoy uninterrupted services and fostering business growth. Here are some key advantages of a well-managed chaos engineering practice:

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Break down siloed CX inertia by identifying a high-value customer journey that could be elevated through the empowerment of key employees that interact with the customer


Adopt best-in-class governance practices by forming a total experience (TX) fusion team as part of a CX center of excellence.


Scope and align TX initiatives to broader business and IT objectives by using business architecture deliverables, such as customer and employee journey maps as shown in the figure below

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