B2B Integration Services

If you’re experiencing a change in your business environment, it’s a good time to optimize your existing assets and improve efficiency. It’s a good time to leverage change and your business partnerships to your advantage and accelerate ROI.

B2B Integration Services

We can help your organization create a comprehensive B2B integration strategy to:

  • Lower costs from greater productivity and redundancy elimination
  • Boost efficiency using more streamlined processes and practices
  • Increase supply chain effectiveness with a seamless data flow

Successful B2B integration relies on the right approach

A successful end-to-end B2B integration supports business process management (BPM), and enterprise application integration (EAI). Plus, it’s vital to adhere to service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles.

Our B2B Integration services leverage our technical expertise and business domain knowledge in:

  • Technologies that impact your customers, suppliers, ERP system, applications, file transfer processes, report, dashboards, and other collaboration areas
  • B2B integration (BPM, BAM, SOA, EDI) solutions within Quinnox Cloud, MuleSoft, Axway, webMethods, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Integration cloud, WSO2, Sterling Commerce, Gentran, Microsoft, IBM, and TIBCO suite of products
  • Industry standards such as X12, EDIFACT, TRADCOMS, RosettaNet, cXML/ebXML/XML, HL7, EIDX, GFF, and SWIFT

Customized B2B Services

There is no “cookie-cutter” formula for B2B integration. Every organization and their change factors are different. That’s why we offer customized services tailored to your needs:

  • Define and operate B2B Center of Excellence
  • B2B portfolio maturity assessment
  • B2B strategy and roadmap
  • Business process consulting
  • B2B architecture advise and definition
  • Implementation, production support, and maintenance services
  • Upgrade and migration services B2B testing services
  • API Based B2B Integration Solution – Implementation Roadmap, Design, Implementation and Support

Quinnox B2B Cloud

  • A fully managed B2B integration platform that creates networked supply chains, Simplifies and standardizes the way retailers and suppliers connect and exchange inventory, order, invoice and payment data. Handles the exchange of information through a single touchpoint. Results in trading partners building better partnerships, streamlined operations. Rapid Any to Any Integration: 2X faster
  • Simplification: 5% of the code
  • Cost: 50% lesser than traditional B2B integration platform
  • Omni-directional meta-data transformations/Semantic mapping
  • REST API / Webservices
  • AI-assisted citizen-integration shortens implementation greatly reducing risk
  • Integrated data is cleansed, indexed and searchable
  • SOC Type II Audited

Digital Transaction Management Console (DTMC)

Middleware platform agnostic system helps the enterprise to configure and manage trading partners, single view dashboard for the transaction visibility and enables business users to reprocess failed transactions.


Quinnox cloud hosted and managed Integration Platform as a Service solution allows customer to  implement and run Integration platform on-demand. The platform provides B2B Integration capabilities with Trading Partner Management console. A transaction view dashboard with complete CI/CD capability.

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