Idea Management

Better ideas lead to innovation, and innovation leads to market leadership.

Idea Management

Enterprises these days often opt for crowdsourcing, tapping into the power of technology, and interactive online features such as idea submission, commenting, and voting can efficiently gather feedback. But a major drawback is the absence of a systematic way to channelize crowdsourcing.

Idea management is the ability to capture feedback or insights from both internal and external stakeholders. This empowers your organization to achieve your corporate goals through structured, managed, measured, and sustainable idea collaboration.

The Quinnox Idea Management Portal is a way to quickly capture, categorize, and prioritize ideas. This digital portal also promotes the practice of ideation – the creative process of generating, developing, and curating new ideas to achieve corporate goals. Developed on the SharePoint 2013 platform, it provides a common platform to all the employees within the organization to capture, maintain, review and approve ideas.

Every idea goes through a lifecycle that consists of reviewing and approving that idea. These are then analyzed and run through a SWOT assessment to quickly determine those ideas that are most viable and show the greatest potential.

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