Leading analysts predict that more than 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes.


Gamification provides the industry with a platform to enhance customer engagement, achieve higher operational efficiency, and identify new sources of revenue.

At Quinnox, we work with our client partners to define a successful customer experience strategy that brings together engaging user experiences, effective storyboarding, and gamification concepts to transform the way customers interact with brands.

->One of our client partners in the energy utility segment uses gamification with the goal of creating awareness. The objective is to increase the understanding of energy management benefits among customers, as well as to educate customers on energy efficiency, grid modernization, and responsible energy consumption.

-> One of our financial services customers wanted to transform their field force by gamification of their Fleet on Street apps. The goal was to drive enhanced customer experiences, as well as improve value for the organization, its employees, as well as for their end customers.

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