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Reimagine the digital customer experience to stay relevant to your customers. At Quinnox we believe in reimagining these customer experiences by moving the focus from customer touchpoints to customer journeys.

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From digital chaos to digital clarity, From touchpoints to Journeys

Digital advancements are continuously opening new channels in an ever changing marketplace. The rapid change of advancements are transforming both customer expectations from brands and the experiences they are left with. While this continues to happen, organizations are challenged with what and how much they know about their diverse customers and the interactions these customers are having with their brands across different physical and digital touchpoint.

More touch-points, more complexity

While many companies focus on customer touchpoints hoping that would improve their customer experiences, the often forget the fact that great touchpoint don’t necessarily translate in delightful customer experiences. The siloed focus on individual touchpoints often fails to take into consideration the customer’s end-to-end experience.

It is much easier to manage the journey which would take care of the different inconsistent experiences coming out of multiple touchpoints. Another pitfall arises when companies blindly believe in the customer satisfaction metrics coming out from their call centres, field services and other touchpoints. While these overall customer satisfaction metrics appear motivating, they still see problems like customer churn and poor loyalty.

At Quinnox we work with our client partners to think beyond user experiences, transactions and touchpoints. With a mandate of driving customer centricity we help customers focus on the ‘end-to-end customer journey’ and not just touchpoint experiences.


We see digital transformation initiatives fail because they lack the gene of customer centricity and their customer experience initiatives have no quantified link to value. This leads to lower satisfied customers, poor customer loyalty, lower adoption and poor engagement across the enterprise and its value chain.

The UX teams at Quinnox strive to enhance the digital experiences across touchpoints for our customers products and services.

Workforce transformation through ‘Employee Engagement’ now made possible with Quinnox’s Humanized Conversational Interface Platform.

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