Quinnox MuleSoft transformation achieves great agility for leading telecom equipment provider


Client overview

Leading provider of data communications and telecommunications equipment in USA.

Business need

With over 300 managed partners to support, the client team is focused on enabling partner success. After signing off the ownership of a few Enterprise Entity and Business Units to a new company, the company had a major transformation. The company refined its program strategy in the planning process with partners, solutions and implementations, and back-end infrastructure; strategic changes were made at a faster note to regain in IT Market and in its Business with partners.

Issues included:

  • Complicated and inflexible legacy or Lower environment Integrations getting replaced.
  • MuleSoft Transformation on Tight Timeline.
  • The team had to complete these in stringent timelines with Tight Timelines.
  • Client now promotes and follows Agile Methodology in all MuleSoft Applications and API development with a fast Timeline.
  • To own any new implementation in MuleSoft identified by the parent team and be aligned with it.


  • Client turned to Quinnox to help them with MuleSoft Implementations for existing rewrites and new intuitive on-demand Support. Quinnox BMS team owned development and redesigning of Integrations as an SME.
  • Developed governance model, communication processes, templates and followed Agile Methodology and process in all MuleSoft Implementations.
  • Quinnox migrated Around 40+ Integrations from legacy webMethods 7.1.2 to Mule 3.8
  • Quinnox built an Integration between the client’s NDA System and Salesforce Apttus to process Legal Contract docs (PDFs) (Transaction Volume not available).
  • Implemented APIs to consume by the Front Office Team to get the user provisioning list and EPS end-user system to enhance orders/Return turnaround time.
  • Implemented APIs to invoke LDAP services for faster decision making at end-user applications.
  • Implemented rewrite of Salesforce interface from wM to MuleSoft to support TLS 1.0 and enhancements, projects with flex resource model with Agile Process.
  • Defined communication strategy within the multi-vendor environment resulting in improved service levels to the business.
  • Developed Standard Operating Procedures, Technical documentations, Common Error Handling Functionality; any user can consume and operate.
  • A major Integration between Oracle CDH (Customer Data Hub) and Salesforce was rewritten from Oracle FMW to Mule:
  • All CRUD operations on suppliers in CDH had to be updated in Salesforce in real-time.
  • Volume: Approx. 1000 transactions/day.


  • Reduced Operational Cost: Turnaround Time for Orders, Returns reduced by 30%. Reduced turnaround time for enhancements by using an Agile Process.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Out-performed SLAs on Response and Resolution time in the first year of engagement.
  • Knowledgebase: Moved from tribal knowledge to structured knowledge management; Developed 30+ Standard Operating Procedures and technical documentation.
  • Application Stability: Performing new Developments, Deployments to on-primes, CloudHub, 10+ API developed and other enhancements.

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