Quinnox helps telecommunications leader seamlessly migrate to the cloud

B2B application

Client overview

When a third-party B2B application was slowing operations and increasing costs, this global name in telecommunications relied on Quinnox for a cloud-based solution.

Business need

Third-party B2B application slows operations and causes support issues This leading name in telecommunications has a world-class product portfolio of smartphones, tablets, wireless accessories, and other advanced video and data-driven technology devices. Yet, the company found itself lagging in its own B2B operational processes due to reliance on a limiting application supported by a third-party vendor. This situation caused longer on-boarding times, as well as several support issues. These included time-consuming coordination due to multiplayer integration in the very limited B2B environment, as well as a lack of report generation capabilities for FTP transactions. Increased costs were also a problem. There were higher expenses associated with multiplayer co-ordination and extended on-boarding time. Plus the ever-increasing fees related to maintenance of this third-party B2B application was an incentive for this global company to seek a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

“Quinnox helped us reduce nearly one thousand tickets per month after the new release late last year, then we moved to MOND. They helped us achieve a seamless migration to MOND, plus the roll outs of the individual components all went very smoothly.” – IT Director


MOND Cloudware platform

To help move away from this costly and time consuming B2B application, this company partnered with Quinnox. Leveraging its knowledge of the client’s environment, they deployed a B2B solution built on the MOND Cloudware platform. Prior to migration, Quinnox gathered business insight related to the client’s trading partner transactions and defined an incremental support transition methodology for faster and smoother transitions.

Collaborating with the client’s trading partners was an essential component of this successful engagement on several levels. The Quinnox team worked with the trading partner to thoroughly assess and plan a seamless strategy that would overcome any known or potential testing challenges during migration. They also collaborated closely with them to resolve issues that surfaced, and provided customized dashboards for each trading partner, according to their requirements.

Constant monitoring and the high availability of a dedicated support team helped to make infrastructure management easier as well. Seamless migration was achieved by allowing any-to-any file formatting and straightforward migration to new RN versions. Others important highlights of the Quinnox solution include:

  • Migration of existing webMethods BAM component to MOND.
  • Migration of FTP transactions to the MOND FTP platform.
  • A single hawk-eye view dashboard for observing all end-to-end business activities.
  • Agile creation of new instances for testing environment highly valued KPIs, alerts, and messages.


With the seamless transition from a slow, troublesome and costly B2B application supported by a third-party vendor, to a cloud-based platform, this leader in telecommunication technology realized many significant benefits. Major categories of improvement with the migration to the cloud include:

  • Improved visibility
    1. Single dashboard from BAM and B2B transactions monitoring.
    2. End-to-end traffic visibility with dedicated backing for test and production instance.
  • Reduced costs.
  • A strategy-based migration approach that reduced overall TCO.
  • BAM features that reduced webMethods licensing, onboarding and maintenance costs Infrastructure, services and software savings.
  • Improved operations and processes.
  • Streamlined deployment, improved transaction processing and data management.
  • Built-in FTP platform for error handling, monitoring and resubmission capabilities that can be used by any new projects.
  • Reduced business complexity and defined consolidated architecture, smoothing the business functions to work.

Overall, the company realized increased agility and faster time to market, as well as scalability on demand. This trouble-free migration to the cloud has helped this global telecommunications company realize immediate benefits, as well as lay the foundation for future growth, cost savings, and greater trading partner collaboration.

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