Quinnox helps leading provider of integrated environmental solutions configure Salesforce LiveAgent

Omni channel

Business need

Customer was using Salesforce as a CRM and wanted to implement an interface to connect with their end customers to resolve their queries. The major challenges that they faced included delayed customer issue resolution, poor customer service due to the lack of a proper customer interface and a high probability of losing loyal customers.


The Quinnox team configured the Salesforce Live agent into Salesforce CRM using Omni channel. Salesforce Live Agent helped the customer to keep in touch with customers who are currently on their website and respond in real-time to their inquiries.

The agent console empowers agents to balance several concurrent chats, and Omni intelligently routes the work to the appropriate agent. The concurrent chats increase agent productivity. Supervisors can supervise live chats and provide suggestions in real time. A 360 degree view of the end customer ensures quick and accurate responses to query as well as resolution.

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