Quinnox Helps a Leading Global Beverage Company Overcome Complex Integration Challenges to Enhance Customer Engagement and Streamline Business Processes

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About the client:

A globally renowned beverage company operating across nine countries, faced the aftermath of mergers and acquisitions, resulting in disparate systems and processes. The need for a sophisticated customer engagement platform (CEP) was critical to foster seamless interactions and drive revenue growth.  

Throughout our partnership with the client, we have played a pivotal role in: 

Turnkey Projects: Delivering comprehensive solutions from concept to implementation, ensuring smooth project execution and successful outcomes. 

Managed Services: Providing ongoing support and maintenance for critical IT infrastructure, optimizing performance and reducing operational costs. 

DevOps and Shared Services: Implementing DevOps methodologies and establishing shared service platforms to streamline software development and delivery, fostering agility and collaboration. 

Intelligent Integration Core or Qoalasce: Seamlessly connecting client’s vast network, enabling efficient data exchange and streamlined operations. 

SAP Digital Core Services: Leveraging the power of SAP solutions to optimize business processes and gain valuable insights. 

Qsense IoT Analytics: Transforming data from connected devices into actionable insights, driving informed decision-making. 

Salesforce Mobility: Empowering client’s sales teams with real-time access to customer data and mobile tools, enhancing customer engagement. 

Qyrus: Accelerating software development lifecycles while ensuring high-quality applications through intelligent automation. 

Digital and Design Thinking Labs: Fostering a culture of innovation by providing dedicated spaces for ideation and prototyping, leading to the development of cutting-edge solutions. 

The Challenge: Disparate Systems Hinders Growth

The technical landscape posed challenges in providing a seamless customer experience, implementing new business models, and accurately forecasting revenues. Legacy systems led to missed opportunities, inaccurate forecasts, and costly operations. The Key challenges included: 

1. Poor Customer Experience 

Inconsistent information and slow processes made it difficult for the client to provide a seamless buying journey for their customers. 

2. Missed Revenue Opportunities 

Inaccurate forecasts and slow deal approvals were leading to missed sales. 

3. High Operational Costs 

Maintaining multiple, disconnected systems was expensive and inefficient 

The ASK - Building a Magical Solution

The client knew that they needed a major transformation. They envisioned a customer engagement platform (CEP) that would: 

  • Empower the frontline team: Equip sales representatives with the tools and information they needed to act as trusted business consultants for their customers. 
  • Streamline Collaboration: Create a system that could propose, calculate, and officialize deals quickly and efficiently. 
  • Improve Forecasting: Provide accurate, integrated data to enable better forecasting and revenue management. 
  • Reduce Costs: Consolidate and simplify the IT landscape to streamline operations. 

The Quinnox Approach: A Four-Level Solution

Quinnox addressed client’s challenges with a comprehensive, four-level solution: 

  • An expert technical team with prior experience of working with the client spearheaded the project.  
  • Through a series of modified agile phases, the team delivered a cutting-edge architecture and comprehensive solution. 
  • Leveraging crucial automation tools and other accelerators, the team accelerated value delivery for the client. 
  • To ensure sustainability and continuous improvement, capabilities were seamlessly transitioned and institutionalized within the iDev Hub, serving as a modern development Center of Excellence (CoE). 

The Process: Agile Methodology and Continuous Value Delivery

Quinnox adopted a modified agile approach to deliver the CEP solution in phases: 

1. Foundation Building Phase 

Consolidated APIs, upgraded middleware environments, and a cloud data warehouse was set up for centralized data storage. 

2. Customer Engagement Platform Development 

Features were prioritized, prototypes built, and APIs and functionalities developed. 

Testing with Intelligence - Layers of Automation

Quinnox employed a comprehensive testing strategy throughout the development lifecycle, leveraging automation tools and AI/ML for: 

The Technology Stack that We Leveraged

The Results: A Customer-Centric Transformation

Quinnox’s four-level solution for Customer Engagement Platform delivered significant benefits for the client: 

  • A single platform streamlined interactions across all customer segments. 
  • Accurate forecasts led to optimized production and inventory management. 
  • Streamlined supply chains and targeted marketing campaigns boosted revenue growth. 
  • Consolidation of integration platforms led to significant cost savings. 

Measurable Success 

  • Reduction in operating Costs by 45% 
  • Reduced Faster Partner Onboarding time from 4-5 weeks to 1 week 
  • Increased system availability from 95% to 99% 
  • Rapid Solution Deployment in 3-week sprints 
  • Consolidated 13 integration platforms to 3 

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