Delivering healthy benefits through an integrated and modernized customer portal

customer portal

Client overview

A privately held U.S. software company that specializes in enterprise software ranging from enterprise resource planning to supply chain management. Additionally, the customer also provides track and trace and serialization solutions for supply chain safety and security.

Business need

The client, who has helped millions of people gain affordable access to disability, life, accident, critical benefits had a fully integrated customer portal to monitor important elements of their business across product lines. The Customer Portal was built on a legacy app infrastructure with the UX built on a stack that was approximately 15 years old. A combination of these two factors led to the instability of the application. Absence of an omni-channel experience, the inefficient and ineffective UX and the challenges in usability impacted the on-boarding of new clients, resulting in a revenue loss and poor application performance.


Our strong IT service capabilities, years of technology, industry and domain experience encouraged the client to partner with Quinnox on this key endeavour. The Quinnox team analyzed the application and understood the limitations in the legacy infrastructure as well as the challenges in User Experience. Quinnox followed a rapid prototyping methodology leveraging Cloud disruptive technology and implemented newer BI analytics and a modern BI DW on Cloud tools to help create a pilot and showcase the benefits such as performance improvement, enhanced user experience, scalability and cost savings. The team leveraged APIs to expose data from the on premise data warehouse to the application.


  • Significant cost savings by eliminating more than a few million dollars in infra and licensing cost of the legacy stack.
  • Average response time improved from 50 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • App availability increased to 99.99% due to the Cloud capabilities.
  • 55% improvement in performance and report generation.
  • Reduction in infrastructure, maintenance and support costs.

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