.Net Platform Engineer

years 6 yrs -10 yrs
location Mumbai/Bangalore
No of Position – 5
Shift – 2pm-11pm
Experience – 6-10yrs
Please send your resume to the following email address along with Job Title as the subject line to [email protected] or [email protected]

Job Description:

  • Experienced in application development using .Net Core 3.x, .Net 6.0 and above, ASP.NET Core 3.x, C#, EF Core Or Dapper and SQL Server along with basic understanding of React/Angular
  • Experience in creating APIs using .Net Core
  • Strong fundamentals on .Net Core 3.x, .Net 6, C#, including but not limited to
  • understanding Generics, Delegates, Anonymous Methods, Extension Methods, Lambda Expressions, LINQ, Asynchronous operations
  • Strong fundamentals of .Net internals including garbage collection and memory optimization
  • Strong experience on SOLID principles and design patterns
  • Strong exposure to working in an Agile environment, especially using various CI/CD and Tools like AzureDevOps, Git, Jenkins etc.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Good expertise in SQL design programming (stored procs, functions), with development experience of writing & optimizing queries that access/process millions of records.
  • Good appreciation of test tools from Microsoft (Continuous Testing using CodedUI, MSTest, xUnit, NUnit.